WWE Smackdown spoilers: 4th February, 2016

Arindam Paul / 03 February 2016

Smackdown was taped from Memphis, Tennessee last night that will air tomorrow night on the USA network.

Roman Reigns defeated Rusev via disqualification. The match got disqualified after Alberto Del Rio intentionally attacked Reigns in between the match. Dean Ambrose makes the save and in a true Smackdown, way set up a bigger main evnnt later the night.

Kalisto defeated Kevin Owens in a non title match up. Dolph Ziggler was in the commentary to assist the US champion for the win. Owens delivers a beat down to them after the match. It’s not expected that a prizefighter like KO is facing back to back losses since Royal Rumble.

Ryback defeated Eric Rowan. Whereas the Wyatt family is booked so strongly these days, Rowan is the only one who scheduled to be pinned consistently among the flock. Ryback showed some unique offenses to pick up the victory.

A next segment is shown Becky Lynch and Sasha banks stood tall together against rest of the team BAD members. It’s a good thing for the Divas division that we are seeing in the form of the heel and face turn ups among the Divas.


AJ Styles defeated The Miz. The match was solid due to AJ Styles’ performance in the match who locked the Miz with a Calf Killer submission hold. Jericho was at ringside to demand a rematch with Styles and he will get one on RAW. WWE is trying to build Styles’ character with a feud with Jericho but frankly speaking, Jericho is far beyond his golden days.

New Day defeated Social Outcasts. The Social Outcasts thus far has managed nothing but to draw some poor attention. The tag champions gained an easy win with foot on the ropes.

Charlotte defeated Alicia Fox. The Divas champion gets rid of the unnecessary third member of team Bella with the submission hold figure-eight locked in. It seems WWE FastLane will see a Charlotte-Brie face-off for the Divas title whereas Becky-Charlotte-Banks will collide for a triple threat match at Wrestlemania.

Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose defeated Alberto Del Rio and Rusev. I don’t think I have to tell any further of the match as Reigns hit the spear to pick up the win. The only unpredicted thing coming off is Dean and Reigns face-off at Fastlane where we may get rid of their friendship anyway to bring something interesting to the table.


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