WWE Smackdown spoilers: February 11, 2016

Arindam Paul / 11 February 2016

This week’s Smackdown was hosted from Portland, Oregon on Tuesday. Here are the results of the same as taped. (courtesy Sportskeeda.com)

Chris Jericho kicks off the show and cuts a promo for his match against AJ Styles later that night. He gets interrupted by The Social Outcast members. The duo of Jericho and Styles eventually teamed up against Curtis Axel and Adam Rose. Jericho and Styles win, but Y2J hits Styles with the Codebreaker after the win and says he will see him later.

Ringside gets surrounded by tables as clips of RAW and Daniel Bryan’s farewell is displayed on the tron.

Dudleys come out to the ring and discusses their actions towards the Usos on RAW when they put the two brothers through the tables. They add that there will be no more tables as the crowd chant “Save the tables.”

Once again Goldust pursuits R-Truth to form the tag team of Golden Truth.

Sasha Banks takes on Naomi with Tamina on ringside and Becky Lynch on commentary. Tamina and Becky get involved in a brawl outside the ring but Sasha comes out victorious with a head kick and submitting Naomi with the Banks Statement.

Bray Wyatt appears with his family by his side and cuts a promo on how they will destroy the ‘Titans’ of the WWE and ends the segment with rolling back his eyes i.e. much like the Undertaker.

With another Daniel Bryan tribute video, things go towards the main event between AJ Styles and Chris Jericho.

The main event is exciting and the two really got the crowd going. AJ reversed the Walls of Jericho into a Calf Crusher. Jericho managed to break the lock and dodged the Styles Clash to hit his signature move Codebreaker for the win. The crowd gives Jericho a huge pop as he celebrates his victory to end the show.


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