This Week’s Smackdown was taped from Manchester, England. Here is the summary of the show.

The Wyatt family cut a promo where they had challenged Undertaker and Kane to a tag match against any two members of the Wyatt family.

Braun Strowman had demolished fandango in a completely one-sided match.

WWE title tournament match: Neville defeated King Barrett to advance.

In a segment Barrett was saying that he will tell Vince not to make any further tour in Manchester, England after what getting slapped on Raw by Rooney, when the Deadman showed up and hit the local brat with Tombstone Piledriver much to the crowd’s delight. This may not be televised.

WWE title tournament match: Surprisingly, Kalisto defeated Ryback fair and square to advance in the tournament.

WWE title tournament match: Alberto Del Rio defeated Stardust with a double foot stomp.

Here are the quarterfinal match-ups for the tournament:

Roman Reigns vs. Cesaro

Kalisto vs. Alberto Del Rio

Kevin Owens vs. Neville

Dolph Ziggler vs. Dean Ambrose



The Usos defeated Luke Harper and Erick Rowan by disqualification. The match ended when all four Wyatts attacked the Usos viciously. Undertaker’s voice appeared over the loud speaker telling that the Wyatts will rest in peace at Survivor Series and thereby confirming the tag match at Survivor Series. The show ended with Undertaker’s music playing and the Wyatts present inside the ring.

After the show, Roman beat Wyatt in a match which was not televised, to send the local crowd home happily.

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