WWE Smackdown spoilers: June 2nd, 2016

Arindam Paul / 01 June 2016

WWE Smackdown was taped this week from Rockford, Illinois. The New Day kicked off the show to cut a promo and got interrupted by The Club which set up a match between AJ Styles vs. Kofi Kingston for later the night. The New Day and the Club feuding with each other are the best things for the tag division as the team of Gallows and Anderson is the only match up for the champs in the division. Also, the involvement of Styles will pull off the tag team title to the main event scenario.



Becky Lynch def. Charlotte (non-title match)

The Irish Lass-kicker was handed the win via disqualification when Dana Brooke decided to interfere in the match and attacked Becky in between the match. This would create a two-on-two brawl as Natalya was present for Becky at ringside. Nattie and Becky stood tall to end the segment. Does this mean that Becky is getting another title shot against Charlotte?



Dudley Boyz def. Golden Truth

Tyler Breeze and Fandango was present at the ringside, who created the distraction to hand over the Dudleyz a win. It is good to see a lot of options in the tag team division but this Golden Truth storyline has gone out of hands, as of late. They have started months ago but yet to win a match.


Dean Ambrose/Sami Zayn def. Kevin Owens/Alberto Del Rio

On the height of actions that we witnessed on Monday Night Raw, we had in store another tag team action with the participants who will be involved in the Money in the Bank ladder match and once again the faces stood over the faces. Owens stole the show after a post-match brawl broke out with placing a ladder and climbing it to hold the golden briefcase hanging above the ring. We think a surprise is waiting for us as the seventh and final spot for the match is still vacant.



Rusev def. Jack Swagger

Rusev won the contest, presumably and went on to deliver a post-match assault to Swagger. As expected, Titus O’Neil came out to make the save. The feud looks good as though, Rusev will win presumably at the end. Rusev is getting back his streak like he had in 2015 as the US champion which is good for his character. On the other hand, the feud would cement Titus to the mid-card level.



AJ Styles def. Kofi Kingston

Kingston featured in a rare singles competition against AJ Styles in the main event of WWE Smackdown where Styles picked up the victory with the Styles Clash finishing maneuver. In the finishing moments, The New Day members collided against Gallows and Anderson at ringside. Styles finishing off Kofi with the Styles Clash, suggests that how important this match was to establish him as the heel persona. The writing for the club is good, as of now and hopefully the feud against Cena will push Styles to the title picture again. Gallows and Anderson will surely hold the tag team titles in the near future.