Last week on WWE Smackdown, Dean Ambrose has dared to provoke the beast once again and invited him on this week’s WWE Smackdown to get a taste of the beat-down that waits for him at Wrestlemania. (WWE Smackdown results are courtesy and
Brock did take the invitation seriously and showed up this week at Boston edition of Smackdown surrounded with his outspoken advocate Paul Heyman. He decided to give a sneak peek of what’s coming at Wrestlemania. But when Heyman called out The Lunatic Fringe to battle The Beast right there and then, The Wyatt Family instead made a surprise appearance to reopen its own conflict with The Conqueror.
Watch the video here:

As they surrounded the ring, Ambrose emerged with a kendo stick in hand to neutralize the flock helping Lesnar. He disposed of an advancing Luke Harper whereas Lesnar took Braun Strowman and Eric Rowan to Suplex city. Ambrose charged into the ring and engaged Lesnar with this week’s weapon i.e. the Kendo stick. But the beast countered his adversary’s assault and bounced back with some of his own hits with the kendo stick.
Heyman has rightly said before that the WWE Universe will realize that the most dangerous weapon you can bring to the ring is Brock Lesnar is himself. Lesnar backed up and dropped Ambrose with a clothesline. Lesnar broke the kendo stick in half. Lesnar delivered with an F5 to Ambrose to close WWE Smackdown.

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