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WWE Smackdown Live saw an epic night, yesterday. It was the monumental 900th episode of the second longest running weekly episodic television show in the television history. The much anticipated night was hosted live at MOHEGAN SUN ARENA, CASEY PLAZA in WILKES-BARRE, Pennsylvania. We were all hyped up about WWE Hall of Famer, Edge returning to host the Cutting Edge show. He was scheduled to host a special edition of his talk show with Shane McMahon as the special guest.
That was not all because we also saw the return of the Undertaker on his home turf of Smackdown Live after a long span of time. He was supposed to help his brother Kane against the Wyatt family and now Randy Orton by their side. We were not sure that is it was going to be one-off appearance or he is going to continue on Smackdown from this point onwards.

So, Edge headed to the ring with a warm welcome from the crowd. He was sporting that long hair and a beard, again. He started with “man does that feel good!” By revisiting some of his old memories from Smackdown show in the past, he said that he is super excited about this Sunday’s Survivor Series. Since he had vested on team blue, he wanted to bring out team Smackdown for a pep-talk.

While shaking each of the representative’s hands, AJ Styles started his trash talks with Edge and said that nobody does care about him, so he better get into the real matter. After having a brief conversation with everybody Edge mentioned Smackdown turning into “Shane-O-Mac down.”
The Undertaker’s gong hit the arena as he walked slowly down to the ramp. He praised Shane-O-Mac as the general Manager. He mentioned that he is back to get some more souls on the show rather than the Wrestlemania season. Survivor Series is where he was born and so team Smackdown better puts Raw into “Rest in peace” at Sunday’s PPV. The show closed with Taker’s pose.

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