WWE Rumour: Stephanie McMahon returning To ring for Wrestlemania
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WWE Rumour: Stephanie McMahon returning To ring for Wrestlemania

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We are talking about none other than Stephanie McMahon who has been one of leading faces of the ongoing Women’s Evolution. She was the one who announced the women’s Royal Rumble match on Monday Night Raw.

The first-ever Royal Rumble is going to be an epic one. It is certain that there will a plenty of surprise appearances in this contest to make it a memorable affair. To fill up the card with 30 women the officials will be bringing back several superstars from the past who have been champions before in the company.

We can certainly expect to see The Boss’ daughter into the mix, as well if things are planned, accordingly.

If the recent activities on the social media are any indications then this is certain that she is returning to in-ring competition, once more.

As reported by SportsKeeda.com, the commissioner of WWE Raw has been posting videos of her workout sessions on Instagram.

This has been a regular activity for her in the social media platform which is a hint that she might be keeping her body warmed up for the biggest event of the year.

The last time she competed in a ring was at Summerslam 2014. The match took place against Brie Bella in a time just before the Divas Revolution kick-started. With The Boss herself involved in a feud, she fetched a lot of attention towards her. Being more of a mainstream name, nowadays, the officials can surely use her to be better capacity.

The source also pointed out a particular post that was given that the tag of Wrestlemania which might be a definite hint that she is willing to make a comeback for in-ring competition at the grandest stage of them all.

With the empowerment of women going around, she certainly likes to be a part of the current happening.

Check out the potential planning around her that might be pitched by the creative team,

“The Wrestlemania tag has also only been added to these videos recently, meaning that maybe some sort of plan has been finalized. Maybe some sort of meeting with Rhonda Rousey went well, and maybe Stephanie McMahon will get her revenge for that Rhonda Rousey attack at ‘Mania 31.”

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