Finally we are on the day of witnessing the 29th annual Summerslam PPV and more importantly the match we’ve been waiting for. To headline this year’s Summerslam, WWE has booked the box-office attraction, Brock Lesnar against WWE’s apex predator, Randy Orton. It was the match that was being advertised as 15 years in the making. Here are the video segments from the match.

Last week, we have seen Brock Lesnar addressing Orton as “just another guy” in his list whereas Orton vowed to break “the legend of the beast” at Summerslam. The mayor of the Suplex city seemed ready to take Orton to a tour whereas Orton was just one RKO away to insert the beast in the Viperville. With tensions running high both entered the arena to have a brutal match.

Going by the speculation, it was said that WWE is going to punish Lesnar by giving him a clean pinfall to Randy Orton. Goldberg was supposed to promote the WWE 2K17 video game on the same venue of Summerslam. So, the speculation of his appearance interfering in the match was also running rampant.

But, none of that happened after a pure assault from the beast to Randy Orton. He even delivered an F-5 to Shane McMahon. The winner was the beast by TKO.

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