The newest member from WWE to tie the knot is Dave Bautista known popularly as Batista. had confirmed this whereas Batista himself released a picture from the event at twitter. His partner is Sarah Jade who is a competitive pole dancer. She was with him for several years now.

He was married last weekend as the reports had come and the ceremony followed with a party with some of his close friends like MVP, Chris Jericho, Finlay, William Regal, Titus O’Neil and former WWE chief security Jimmy Noonan. It was more like WWE reunion as the sources say. However, WWE tour schedule did not allow more of Batista’s friends to attend the event. Chris Jericho posted this picture from the event at Instagram.



Batista is having a sensational time after leaving WWE since after Payback 2014. While he got booed out of the Arena every time then, his role in the movie  Guardians of the Galaxy was much appreciated and cemented his place in Hollywood. He is scheduled to be be a part of the next James Bond Spectre movie. With these projects in hand his return in the ring seems no hope whatsoever. And also WWE fans don’t want him to see either except a few. It seems he too doesn’t want to take the hassle at this age of 46. Sportzwiki wishes the couple a happy married life ahead. 



Rusev and Lana is Engaged:

Though Rusev and Lana broke up in WWE storyline their real life love story had progressed further with the news that they are now engaged. TMZ had confirmed this with pictures. It has been told that Rusev may be a tough guy in ring but a softie at heart as he gave her the proposal for marriage beside their swimming pool at their Nashville home. The decision or Lana should be easy judging by the size of the ring. It will be interesting to see how far the storyline with Summer Rae continues after this being confirmed.


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