Leaving the squared circle in his own terms is every superstar’s wish given that honor comes along with it but not each of them earns the right. Though, it’s not every time the stars are given the opportunity but gets forced to leave. Despite several hours of televised events through the week, WWE is unable to find something worthy for some superstars which turn out to be the cause of retirement. Here are the most possible 5 names who will leave in the year 2016.


The Undertaker

It’s a fair one to predict. Honestly, we would not want Undertaker to retire and we would never get tired of that shivering entrance but considering his marathon run of 25 years and the brutality he took for the span, his body is about to give up at some point. This year Wrestlemania is in his home state of Dallas, Texas and the rumor is he is all set to compete in the last match at the main event. He will leave walking slowly with his hands raising above, leaving behind an untouchable career and billions of heart-broken fans.

Rosa Mendes

The Mexican origin Canadian-born Diva is in WWE since 2006 but unable to leave a mark to the WWE Universe and since Total Divas starting a season, she was seen in the show much more instead of in a WWE ring and rightly so. As an individual Diva, manager of Primo and Epico angles with The Miz, Fandango, Adam Rose she was proved to be a failure in each side and so it’s quite evident she is no more wanted in WWE anymore and should be gone in 2016.



With a bunch of fresh Divas like Charlotte, Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, Bayley coming in the main roster starting the Divas revolution last year made a technically and genetically gifted athlete Natalya irrelevant in the division. The issue was nurtured before in the storyline as well as in the Total Divas show. In addition is Natalya’s husband Tyson Kidd’s several injuries which also made his career uncertain and Nattie has to spend more time in home. She is off the screen without lacking creative storyline since last few months. It’s quite safe to say that Neidhart torch bearer has left her best far behind and we had seen her last.


Mark Henry

It’s a question what is Henry still doing in WWE with no storyline whatsoever for the last few years. There was a time when he was pushed to the height but last 3 years saw him dropped to the ground. WWE has given him the world title to him for one time in his 15th year in the company and that was the farewell run for him and since then he is in the sideline.



The bizarre one debuted back in 1990 when some of the current roster’s superstars were new born babies. The Rhodes veteran has made subsequent departures and returns in his career and after having a surgery returned once again in action last month but considering his 47-year-old age and his schedule to wrestle every week his body should give up at some point and this year a farewell is waiting for him definitely.



Sting will be 57 by the time Wrestlemania season comes around and considering wrestling profession it’s easy to say he has left his best day behind him. Sting’s WWE run saw him in two different matches and in both the matches he came up short. In the match with Rollins, he barely could complete the match after hurting his neck and had to undergo surgery making his career highly uncertain and currently is out of action. Considering the same neck injury which shortened the career of Edge and Stone Cold it is highly unlikely that Sting will step into the ring once again.


Daniel Bryan (probable mention)

It’s hard to believe a name like Daniel Bryan would never ever wrestle in WWE. Though there are chances but considering his broken neck and surgery on it for three times and Vince McMahon’s own motto, the deal is sealed for Bryan and we will not see him at the top of Sports entertainment ever again. Doctors have cleared him to compete long ago but WWE doctors did not allow him to do so since last year’s Wrestlemania. With each months passing by, the chances of Bryan’s retirement is getting likely and WWE is about to lose their most organically popular superstar.


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