Video: WWE Top 10 Shocking Survivor Series moments

Arindam Paul / 23 November 2015

Survivor Series is one of the four oldest pay-per-views in WWE history along with Royal Rumble, Summer Slam and, of course, Wrestlemania. This year had been the PPV’s 29th annual anniversary from the Phillips center in Atlanta, Georgia.

In these 29 years, this PPV had given us many of the spectacular moments which stunned us with shock. Remember last year when none other than the Vigilante Sting showed up for the first time in a WWE arena to help Dolph Ziggler winning the match and fire the Authority? The whole arena along with the spectators around the world got a moment to rejoice for ages to come. And Nikki Bella won the Divas championship by the help of a kiss from her sister in the same event!


At Survivor Series, 2002 Brock Lesnar’s very own manager Paul Heyman backstabbed him by causing him the championship which is still an unbelievable fact.

Then it was just three years ago when The Hounds of Justice known as The Shield debuted in WWE by creating a massacre in between the championship match at progress. Those three have moved on to be the three cornerstones of the company now.

One of the most shocking moments occurred in 2003 edition when Undertaker and Mr.Mcmohan had a buried alive match. Shockingly at the end of the match Taker’s own flesh and blood Kane showed up creating a blast and buried Taker alive. Talking about Undertaker, he made his debut at the event in 1990. So, we are witnessing history as WWE is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Phenome. And moreover who can forget the ugliest Montreal screw job at the 1997 edition? And we have got some shocking moments this year too.




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