2016 is in its final lap and like every other year, the WWE gifted us some memorable matches. Quality fights have seen a rise in the past couple of years with the NXT division coming up and the increment of PPVs in a calendar year. Also, the brand extension has helped a lot to provide A-rating matches to reign supreme from one another. Here are Sportzwiki’s top 5 matches for 2016:

Honorable mention: Undertaker vs. Shane McMahon (Wrestlemania 32)

Wrestlemania 32 was supposed to be the biggest event in the WWE ever but bad bookings ruined it all. But Shane McMahon did his part by stealing the show with his death-defying jump from the top of the cell. It’ll also be remembered as an all-time great move and synonymous for this year’s edition of Wrestlemania. The less captivity of Shane was made up with the risky jump and it even overshadowed the presence of the Undertaker himself.




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