We are over with the Raw-exclusive PPV, Hell in a Cell and is heading forward to the last big PPV of the year, Survivor Series. This is the only time of the year where Raw and Smackdown is going head to head to determine the better brand. The build ups for the PPV are in full swing. Meanwhile, the rumor mill is filled up with news surrounding Goldberg, Brock Lesnar and more. Take a look to the top 5 of them.



Sasha Banks is on a hiatus

The rumor mill suggests that Sasha Banks was hurt legit after the match inside the Hell in a Cell structure. She was helped to the backstage by the WWE officials after we went off the air. WWE Creative had no option but to take the title from her due to this. She will be on a hiatus for a certain span of time from now on. She is expected to back around December to claim her rematch against Charlotte at the Raw exclusive Roadblock PPV in the same month.


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