Shocking title challenges over the years have been an integral part of WWE programming to put back life into stale storylines. This year too was not any exception. As the year inching closer to an end, we will look back at the top 5 moments when a WWE superstar dropping the title was the least expected. WWE was not able to capitalise on every one of those title changes but at that point, they were able to sway people, for sure. Take a look at those moments:



Kalisto-Del Rio (United States Title)

This might have been the most underrated title change moment on which WWE was not invested much. But, if booked properly, a talent like could have been brought into the spotlight. Alberto Del Rio was dominant with the United States title around her waist when all of sudden the flying Luchador shocked the world by pinning him on Raw. Initially, the feud was booked so well that Kalisto was trending on the social media after his first US title win. We expected him to be the torchbearer of Rey Mysterio. However, WWE decided to put some random matches between them, afterwards causing lack of interest for the audience.


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