Wrestlemania 32, the biggest event in the world of sports entertainment is less than one month away. Every year the showcase of the immortals provides us with some of the historic moments and this year too it will be no exception. It is hard to count how many spectacular moments it has given to us. But, we have managed to sort out 5 breathtaking moments of all time which stood out amongst all of them.


The streak was over

Undertaker’s streak, which is the greatest of all time in the history of sports entertainment, started back in Wrestlemania 7 with the first victim being Jimmy Snuka. That remained intact until Wrestlemania 29 with legends like HBK, Edge, Triple H trying to break it but failed to overcome the Deadman’s wrath. That was until Paul Heyman and his beast challenged to defend the streak at Wrestlemania 30. That was expected as a brutal match but nobody expected the result. Suplexes, chokeslams, piledrivers and F-5s were traded between them and it took three F-5s to make Taker pinned. The entire arena got pin dropped silently after the incident. No words can do justice after the shocker took place as the streak was put to rest in peace.


Rock vs. Cena – once in a lifetime

Though we had witnessed this great match twice in the history of Wrestlemania, the hype it created when we first watched it at Wrestlemania 28, took the grandest stage to the highest level. No one can replace Cena vs. Rock. Two superheroes collided with each other and tore the house. Putting their reputations on the line, they battled it out in front of the whole world. Cena eventually was defeated while mimicking the Rock but gave memories for a lifetime.


Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels

Wrestlemania 12 saw an epic match of technical wrestling with two of the greatest involved in the match for the richest prize in the sports entertainment. It was an iron man match that means you have to go through 60 minutes in the ring and earn as many pinfalls as you can. Undoubtedly those were the most brutal 60 minutes in the history of WWE in between which we saw two all-time greats dealing in some spectacular wrestling. At the end of the night, Michaels holding the title high above his head gave us the memory that we can never forget.


End of an Era match

No adjectives are justifiable to describe the match. Triple H and Undertaker came face to face in a match that was called as “end of an era”. It took place on Undertaker’s favorite playground knows as hell in a Cell, a place where careers end and bad things happen. Taker and The Game locked horn inside with Shawn Michaels being the guest referee. The punishment that the two took in between the match was incomparable. Undertaker finally overcame the odds thrown against him by the two best friends. The magic moments came after the match when Undertaker, Triple H and Shawn Michaels walked out together. Perhaps, the most iconic frame in the history of Sports entertainment.


Wrestlemania 26: Streak vs. Career

The greatest match in the history of WWE, according to many. Not only that, the career of Mr. Wrestlemania came to an end. HBK cost Taker his championship to force Taker accepting the match, with the condition that if Michaels loses, his career will be over. We have seen phenomenal things in the match, Piledrivers and sweet chin music was delivered on a random basis. At the end, Michaels was put to rest in peace but not before he had given one epic match which will be remembered as the greatest one.

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