WWE: Twitter Reactions To John Cena Hosting The Saturday Night Live

Arindam Paul / 12 December 2016

As announced by the WWE earlier, John Cena hosted the Saturday Night Live on the NBC Network. He was the third amongst the WWE Superstars to host the prestigious show. The other superstars to host the show before him were the Rock and Hulk Hogan. All of them have been the franchise for the company.

Cena, however, got the advantage of the social media to hype up his appearance on the show. Back in the days of the Rock and Hogan, the WWE did have the fame but the programming was not so much mainstream content like it is now. Hence, his appearance earned both positive and negative reactions.

The marquee player of the WWE is not new to hosting awards and shows. He is a true brand ambassador of the company. Previously, he hosted the ESPYS award show. Plus, he’s been a regular face to shows like Good Morning America.

As speculated earlier, Cena will be quite busy with such TV shows, movies and more commitments outside the WWE. As of now, he is scheduled to return on December 26 in a house show in Madison Square Garden.

Here’s how twitter reacted to Cena’s presence on SNL: