WWE: Twitter Reactions from Last Night’s Raw: January 15, 2016

Arindam Paul / 16 January 2018

As expected earlier, two of the participants of the Universal Championship match, Kane and Brock Lesnar were absent from this week’s WWE Raw owing to the attack from Braun Strowman, last week.

However, this gave the opportunity to the creative team to book in such a way to make him the strongest babyface present in the locker room, today. The segment where he got fired was fun to watch and so was the havoc that he raised on the whole show.

After a long time on the flagship show, we witnessed such chaos where a superstar is destroying everything in his path in the locker room. It received huge cheers from the crowd, as they love to see this type of mad action. At last, Strowman got rehired on the show by Stephanie McMahon, but the monster continued to entertain. He threw Michael Cole on the security guards to create a kayfabe injury for the commentator.

The big match between Nia Jax and Asuka disappointed the crowd. Perhaps, the timing of the match was not a better one. Both of them needs momentums before getting into the Royal Rumble match, and hence a count-out victory was given to the Empress of Tomorrow. But, it failed to give any momentum to both the candidates.

The match between Roman Reigns and The MIztourage fell short too. The audience did know the outcome of the match, and it was no otherwise. Instead, the booking for the Absolution was much better.

After suffering a loss, last week, Sonya Deville claimed a win against Sasha Banks in a singles match which is huge. However, Paige will be out of the Royal Rumble match.

The main event between Seth Rollins and Finn Balor was quite a fun one. It was one dream rematch from Summerslam. The involvement of Jason Jordan, The Bar, Gallows, and Anderson created unexpected chaos to the match which made things unpredictable.

Lastly, Rollins finishing the match with the banned move, Curb Stomp was unbelievable. On that note, a decent show of WWE Raw ended hyping-up next week’s 25th anniversary.

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