WWE: Twitter reactions from this Week’s RAW: July 23, 2018

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WWE: Twitter Reactions from this Week’s RAW: July 23, 2018 

WWE: Twitter Reactions from this Week’s RAW: July 23, 2018
courtesy WWE

WWE Raw gave us a historic moment in the opening segment. The McMahon family was present inside the ring to confirm the all-women PPV in October.

It was an emotional moment for the authority figures as well as for the fans. Women have struggled a lot to get to this moment that will start a new trend in pro-wrestling.

The show failed to get hold of the momentums in the following segments. There were some filler matches all around the show just like last week. We thought that Alexa Bliss would surely try to bring out Ronda Rousey as bait on WWE Raw. It would have cancelled the Summerslam match.

Furthermore, the storyline would have also progressed. Nothing was there on the show instead of a filler match. We should also mention Authors of Pain in the context whom WWE officials are wasting. Mojo Rawley and Ember Moon are also up to good despite their victories.

Seth Rollins appeared to be the saviour of WWE Raw once again. He delivered yet another slobber-knocker with Finn Balor as a tag team partner. The Stomp handed him the win against Ziggler and McIntyre. Ziggler suffered the pinfall loss which means that Rollins will get another opportunity for the Intercontinental Championship.

The main event of WWE Raw was a solid one though with two behemoths ripping each other apart. The crowd did not like the fact that Roman Reigns picked up the win. He will face Brock Lesnar for the championship at Summerslam. Now there’re some confusions whether this repeated main event will be successful or not.

Overall, it was a decent show that carried forward the angles for the August PPV. Check out the Twitter reactions from it,

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