Twitter Reactions From This Week’s Smackdown Live: April 24, 2018

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WWE: Twitter Reactions From This Week’s Smackdown Live: April 24, 2018 

WWE: Twitter Reactions From This Week’s Smackdown Live: April 24, 2018

We received a twist in the opening segment of last night’s Smackdown. Instead of Daniel Bryan as the guest of Miz TV, we received Big Cass on the show.

He received a good platform the get the words down off his chest. After a long time, a strong heel promo was delivered by him that was furious. With this improved promo skills, an elevation on the current roster is evident to come towards him.

Right now, the IIconics have received a massive push on the Smackdown roster. Just after coming to the blue brand from the NXT roster, they have got enough TV time to prove their worth. They are always good with their promo skills.

Last night, they also showed their excellent work ethics as a tag team. As a result, Peyton got to pin Becky Lynch which was pretty much big.

The contract signing between Charlotte Flair and Carmella was kept short, for good.

This helped the princess of Staten Island, for sure. It’s quite apparent that some of the fans were pretty happy to see her winning the championship on the post-Wrestlemania episode of Smackdown.

But, she still does not get the needed reactions as the champion. It should be a headache to her championship run.

A feud got teased on Smackdown Live, for the last couple of weeks is between Randy Orton and Jeff Hardy.

After last week’s interference by Jeff, this week, the favour was returned by Orton.

This started a cold war between these two veterans that will soon erupt on the show over the United States Championship.

On the main event, Shinsuke Nakamura was able to deliver yet another low blow to AJ Styles. It has now become a pendant move of the Artist of Smackdown Live. By this, he is heading into the Greatest Royal Rumble match, as the favourite, once again. It will be interesting to see how long this dream feud will continue in the future.

Overall, it was a better show from last night’s WWE Raw. Check out the Twitter reactions for this week’s Smackdown Live,

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