Twitter Reactions From This Week’s WWE Raw: May 21, 2018

WWE: Twitter Reactions from this Week’s WWE Raw: May 21, 2018

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WWE Raw is failing to deliver things in a right way, constantly. They continue to provide lacklustre episodes, for weeks now.

To make up things, the trusted shoulder of the company, Stephanie McMahon returned to the show. But, even her presence failed to make things better for the flagship show of the WWE.

The opening segment continued to portray Roman Reigns in such a way to gain sympathy from the crowd. But, we can hardly imagine the poster boy of WWE Raw in such a way.

This does not suit the mannerism of the Big Dog. So, the fans continued to shower boos on him. Even the presence of Jinder Mahal, a bonafide heel could not save the day for him.

Seth Rollins was the only soothing thing, in between these couple of matches during the opening segment. We missed his IC title open challenge. But, he made it up for the fans by pulling off yet another victory on WWE Raw on behalf of his team.

The Bobby Lashley-Sami Zayn segment turned out to be pure trash on WWE Raw. The creative team planned three guys dressed up as the sisters of Bobby Lashley. It failed to attract the crowd from the get-go.

Even, Lashley himself was unable to garner any reactions while coming out. WWE will have to deal a lot of headaches while dragging this feud in the upcoming weeks.

There were plenty of matches on the show, throughout. But, not a single one of them managed to keep any impact on us. Even the main event between Finn Balor and Braun Stroman failed to deliver. The sudden booking of matches on WWE Raw is not going to help.

Ronda Rousey and Nia Jax contract would have failed, as well if there would not be any Stephanie McMahon. Both these competitors do not have any mic skills. So, the commissioner had to appear to save the day for these two. But, then again, we continue to wonder whether this rivalry will be interesting enough to see.

Overall, this was a terrible show of WWE Raw from Albany, New York. Here the Twitter reactions from it,

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