WWE Universe Reacts to the Last Man Standing Match Between Reigns And Strowman

Arindam Paul / 08 August 2017

Last night’s Raw witnessed an energetic crowd in comparison to the last few week’s episodes. The show was hosted from Toronto, Canada where the fans are known to be enthusiastic and they did not forget to let their voice known to the WWE creative team. This made the show quite entertaining with the crowd getting louder by the hours.

This was no surprise that the fans in Canada were treated to a chaotic main event that kept them standing on their toes. Plus, we have witnessed the reckless side of Brock Lesnar on WWE Raw after quite a long time. Then there were some solid matchups on Raw among Rollins-Ambrose and Sheamus-Cesaro.

There’s no denying that Last Man Standing match between Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman stole the show. It was more than a physical encounter than thought. There was a chance of the crowd getting bored with this rivalry getting endless. But, at the end of the night, they were able to get over.

The fans did not forget to let know of a huge mistake during the match. At one point, Braun Strowman was down as the official was counting. When he nearly reached the ten-count, Samoa Joe showed up and attacked Roman Reigns making the official stop the count.

Since this is a no-disqualification match, anything is legal. Until and unless opponent hits you, the count remains continuing. In this case, no altercation happened with Strowman and so the count should be continued handing Reigns the victory. But, the referee had a major botch that was clearly noticed by the fans and they kept on reacting on the social media.

Apart from this one, there was another mark-out moment when Strowman threw commentary desk chair to his opponent. The IWC also noted this one hinting that these two’s chemistry is great, together. Take a look at some of the twitter reactions about this match, here: