WWE update: New match announced for Brock Lesnar

Arindam Paul / 14 December 2015

Constant falling ratings on the TV, absence of the renowned superstars and constant speculations made an ideal situation for Brock Lesnar to make a return to the WWE ring. A lot of talks are still going around as WWE decided to stop an end to this rumors by announcing Lesnar’s return date and the match finally.

‘The Beast’ is scheduled to feature in a live event to be held in Los Angeles on December 19th where his opponent is going to be WWE US champion Alberto Del Rio and the match will be for the title. If Lesnar wins this one then it would be his very first time to hold any other title than the main WWE titles. The telecast status of the event in WWE Network is still unknown, though.


Lesnar is a 3 time WWE world heavyweight champion in his first stint whereas he has won the title once since his return. The match up sounds instant classic considering they both had their background in shoot fighting and their physicality involved in their matches.

Also announced for the event is Roman Reigns vs. WWE champion Sheamus and Dean Ambrose vs. former IC champion Kevin Owens.

RAW ratings have dropped down to number five after NFL, Sportscenter, Street Outlaws, Love and HipHop which forced WWE to go for a pole to see which superstars are in demand for a return. Rob Van Dam topped the pole following Spike Dudley, Sabu, Raven whereas Lesnar is all set to return on RAW on February 8th next year that will be taped from Seattle, Washington. With Lesnar and all these expectations coming around ratings are going to boost up for sure.



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