WWE update: Will Roman get payback and the title on Sunday at TLC?

Arindam Paul / 11 December 2015

WWE’s annual event Tribute to the troops was taped yesterday which will be telecasted on 23rd December on the WWE Network, but the taping results have already broken the internet leaving some prominent clues for us as spoilers for TLC.

According to the ringsiders, all the current champions were present with their titles including the reigning WWE champion Sheamus too.

All the other champions such as Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens, United States Champion Alberto Del Rio and the Divas champion Charlotte were also seen with their respective titles and since the taping will go on air after TLC PPV i.e. on December 23rd, it shows that there’s merely any chance for title changes on December 13th.



So, the point is that Roman Reigns is not getting his title back at TLC and he is most likely to get it back at next year’s Royal Rumble event. It is quite sensible to understand that WWE wants to set the magnitude of their next PPV strongly and set the momentum strongly for Reigns where the road to Wrestlemania begins.

Though many are speculating that Reigns is going to get back his title at TLC but WWE is not keen to take a shortcut and expected the route to building the Roman Empire. So in Sheamus’ favor, they eventually formed a group called The League of Nations which consist, Del Rio, King Barrett, Rusev and sometimes New Day in addition.

 Having such a strong stable behind him, an interference is highly possible at the main event to help Sheamus climbing the ladder and retaining the title and keep Roman away from the title till January 24th, the Royal Rumble event, at least for now.




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