WWE: US Championship open challenge from Smackdown Live

Arindam Paul / 14 February 2018
WWE, Smackdown, US Championship, Bobby Roode, Randy Orton, Jinder Mahal

Last week in WWE, the scenario for the United States Championship was made quite interesting with the sudden appearance of Randy Orton. We witnessed a title match between the champion, Bobby Roode against the number one contender, Rusev. After an entertaining contest, the title-holder retained the belt by pinning his opponent with a Glorious DDT.

Following the match, Roode was celebrating his big victory over The Bulgarian Brute with his iconic theme song.

Randy Orton showed up in the ring and delivered an RKO, out of nowhere to the champion ruining the celebration.

Later, Rusev and Aiden English also suffered the same consequence to get laid down by the Apex Predator of the WWE.

It was expected that Orton is intending to compete for the mid-card championship. Prior to the beginning of the night, it was announced that Bobby Roode would be issuing an open challenge on Smackdown Live.

This was his second such challenge for the title. The first time he did so was at the Royal Rumble PPV event of WWE.

Roode cut a promo on last night’s Smackdown Live stating that he wants to be the very best United States Champion in the history of the company. That brought him to mention the iconic United States Championship Open Challenge tradition that was started by none other than John Cena, one of the most glorified title-holders.

Looking to continue the tradition, he issued such challenge in Bakersfield, California which was answered by none other than Randy Orton.

It was interesting to see him gunning for the mid-card title at this point in his career. However, the match never happened due to the interference from Jinder Mahal who has now made the US title picture, even more interesting.

After failing to capture the US title, it was his time to deliver a major statement coming back into the scenario.

The distraction from Sunil Singh helped him to do so who sacrificed himself into an RKO from Orton. This gave Mahal space so that he could deliver his pendant Khallas move on both Randy Orton and Bobby Roode to plant them down.

We expect to learn more about the United States title picture on next week’s Smackdown Live after this chaos ensued, this week.

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