Kevin Owens is the worst reputed guy in the WWE locker room due to his interaction with the fans and rude behaviors. He is often seen indulging with the fans in a verbal fight on numerous occasions in the recent past. A similar incident took place in a recent live event conducted by WWE.
As we all know, Owens will be facing Roman Reigns for his Universal championship at WWE Roadblock. Now, the champion usually does these kinds of antics with the fans to heat up his rivalry with his opponent and he was at it again in the house show taken place at Lowell, Massachusetts.

While doing the entrance he spotted a fan wearing a Roman Reigns t-shirt and so could not resist himself to walk down to him. He advised the 7-year-old boy not to wear a Roman Reigns t-shirt ever in his life. He further added that he should try out a Kevin Owens gear, instead. That was not it since Owens lost the match at the show and went straight into the boy saying, “I’m your father.”
After the incident took place, the little kid was visibly hurt by Owens’ comment and was not any more interested in watching the event. He lost his interest in WWE shows and does not want to attend any event going forward.
Kevin Owens himself took his twitter handle to cool down the situation but several fans were seen ranting the champion down with their comments. In today’s world of 2016, the word kayfabe got really demolished by the social media. But, sometimes heels like Owens goes too far to prove their dominance which is totally uncalled for.

The mother of the kid was heartbroken with his son’s condition and took the social media to let know her feelings. Read her comments to know the incident better. (courtesy
“My heart is shattered. What started off as an amazingly awesome night ended in my 7 years old being completely heartbroken. My son is a huge WWE fan and a fan of just about every wrestler on the roster. He has a drawer full of everyone’s shirts but he chose to wear a Roman Reigns shirt since he has been a fan of his ever since he started watching.
My son is 7, not 15 or 16 where they can take someone they idolize talking to them like that but 7. We have been to many events: TLC, Smackdown, Hell in a Cell, NXT, and the draft. He doesn’t want to go anymore. He had previously asked me if the wrestlers who appear mean would ever do or say something to a kid and I said absolutely not they know better. Kevin Owens made me a liar and just showed everyone last night how much of a jerk he really is.
To top all of this off after Kevin Owens lost to Roman Reigns and he was walking away from the ring my son was just standing there on his seat watching and Kevin Owens jumped towards him and yelled at him “I am your father” which made no sense but with the sudden movement and loudness made all of us jump and my son almost fell off his seat. My son is crushed and whenever he talks about it, he tears up. I can’t believe a wrestler would actually treat a 7-year-old fan this way. Shame on you Kevin Owens and WWE.”

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