WWE wedding every time was meant to go terribly wrong, as we have experienced in the past. We love to see the unexpected character changes from the WWE Superstars or the Divas on the wedding stage. Also, certain interference or a sudden chaos out of nowhere breaks out to give us with a cherishable moment. Relive those top 10 moments from the WWE history from the below-given video courtesy WWE.

Even last week we have seen Rusev having his grand marriage ceremony with Lana which was ruined by Roman Reigns. Roman was out to deliver a challenge to Rusev for a Unites States championship match. Instead, they started fighting which led a sudden push to Lana to the big fat wedding cake. Now, that’s called a memorable moment that the bride can never forget in her entire life.
The Rated-R superstar, who was seen indulged in numerous adult and violent actions, over the years, was also part of two such weddings in his illustrious career.
In the year 2008, Edge was in a relationship with the Smackdown General Manager, Vickie Guerrero. After months of their relationship, there was an episode of Smackdown where Edge and Vickie’s wedding was supposed to take place. The WWE Champion Triple H who was just drafted from Raw came with a present to spoil the party for Edge. In a video footage, Edge was seen kissing Alicia Fox, the wedding planner for them. Vickie was furious with the actions and her scream got everyone all over the arena.
Prior to that, Edge was having that infamous scandalous affair with Lita which led them to a wedding ceremony on Raw in the year 2005. But, it obviously did not turn out to be a happy moment for them as a Demon was waiting to strike. Kane showed up under the ring to destroy all the decorations and ended with delivering the tombstone pile-driver to the priest.

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