What To Expect From This Week’s WWE Smackdown Live: May 29, 2018

WWE: What to Expect from this Week’s Smackdown Live: May 29, 2018


We expect Smackdown Live to deliver impactful episodes, each week. They have come up with some dream matches over the last few shows. The trend will continue, as we are heading to the MITB PPV.

Another such dream contest is waiting for us on the main event of tonight.

The final spot for men’s division MITB ladder match is still vacant. We hope to get a confirmed name on this slot once the show gets over.

We would also receive a huge six-man tag team match featuring two contestants of the upcoming ladder match. All of these will come live on Smackdown from the PNC Arena in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Daniel Bryan coming out of retirement did wonder for the Smackdown Live creative team. They are delivering some unimaginable contests.

We will see one such contests happening on Smackdown Live main event on tonight. Bryan will take on against Samoa Joe in the history-making match.

These two had met 14 years ago in an independent wrestling circuit. Now, they are back as veterans and will fight for the final spot for MITB.

The chances are high that Big Cass will make his presence felt during this contest. It will continue the Bryan-Cass rivalry on the show, whereas, Joe will be the eighth participant in the ladder match.

Smackdown has confirmed a huge battle between two teams on the show to set up a six-man tag match. The Miz will team up with The Bar to take on The New Day. It should be an interesting contest.

Check out WWE.com hyping this up, “Big E had The Awesome One on the ropes last Tuesday until Sheamus and Cesaro made their presence felt, brawling with Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods, and the distraction allowed The Miz to steal the victory. Will The New Day get payback, or will The Miz and The Bar once again have the upper hand?”

The Miz is up to make a crack in New Day’s friendship from last week. He will stick on to that duty with The Bar, on his side. It should earn him a huge victory on Smackdown and give the momentums for the ladder match.

Carmella has been bragging about her championship reign. But her loud mouth has not faced the wrath of Asuka, till date. The Empress of Tomorrow is the contender for her title. So, we expect to see a confrontation on the show. Charlotte Flair should also return to TV considering this is her home state.

The WWE Championship rivalry will also continue between Nakamura and AJ Styles. We expect the champion to come up with new plans after the challenger dominated him last week.

A fresh feud will kick off between Bludgeon Brothers and The Club over the Smackdown tag team titles.