Smackdown Live was finished last month on a higher note by coming up with a never-before announcement. Last week, Shane McMahon announced the first-ever Money in the Bank match for the female superstars. The history-making announcements sucked all the attentions from the pro-wrestling industry.

It had also helped the show ratings from taking a further dip. Last week’s show was able to score the highest ratings for the month of May. The show-runners will like to continue the momentum they have gained going forward to Money in the Bank PPV.

Tonight’s Smackdown Live will take place at the Blue Cross Arena in Rochester, New York with only two weeks remaining for the show. The blockbuster main event for the night was already announced last week. It will be the United States champion, Kevin Owens taking on Shinsuke Nakamura in the first-ever singles contest on live television.

The audience will get to see the dream matchup that they have been waiting for. These two superstars have already sold out arenas in Japan and will look to do it again in the WWE. Needless to say, it will be another classic match gifted to us by the Smackdown creative.

Nakamura is the clear favourite to win this one bout. He has already pinned Owens in order to get this match for the last couple of episodes on Smackdown and will look to do it again. This will make the scenario in the US title, interesting. Both Nakamura and Styles will be gunning for the title in the near future.

The historic match at Money in the Bank for the women’s division is set and they will look to build up the momentum for the same. The question is will Lana be added to the contest as the final participant? Shane McMahon will surely address this situation. Also, the champion, Naomi might have something to say about her inactiveness in the title match.

Plus, a six-woman tag team contest was confirmed to take place on tonight’s show. The three babyfaces will take on the three members of the ‘Welcoming Committee’. Also, in the rematch from last week, AJ Styles will take on Dolph Ziggler, again.

In the WWE championship picture, Randy Orton still has not been able to get his hands on the one who stole the title from him. This is the perfect time for him to strike back in order to make a statement.

Also, has confirmed that The New Day is set to be in action now that they have returned to the Smackdown brand after quite a while. This will be to ensure that they are ready for the title match at Money in the Bank.

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