WWE Wrestlemania 34 Match Card With Prediction: April 8, 2018

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WWE Wrestlemania 34 Match Card With Prediction: April 8, 2018 

WWE Wrestlemania 34 Match Card With Prediction: April 8, 2018
Photo Credit: WWE.

The showcase of immortals known as Wrestlemania is here for the year 2018. Undoubtedly, this is the night that is considered to be the biggest in sports entertainment.

The match card for this year is so much stacked this year (2018) that it will be no wrong if we say this is the greatest ever lineup in the history of the company. It is so much big that WWE did not even need The Undertaker on it.

There would be the main event of the night between Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar. The first dream match would be between AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura.

Furthermore, Charlotte and Asuka will go head-to-head in the biggest match, till date from the women’s division. Also, the unthinkable of Ronda Rousey competing in a WWE match will finally become a reality.

Not to be mentioned, Daniel Bryan will once again try to convert Wrestlemania into Yes-O-Mania at the same building of Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The event will be broadcasted live in India from 4.30 AM onwards on the WWE Network. Below-given is the match card of the night with potential winners.

Cruiserweight Championship Match – Cedric Alexander vs Mustafa Ali

Prediction: From the beginning of the Cruiserweight Championship tournament, this match was inevitable as the final.

Despite the match given at the pre-show slot, both of them will steal the show. Cedric Alexander is the original choice to win the title. But, Ali is getting a lot of attention, lately which is why we should not be surprised if he wins.

Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal

Prediction: Well, not much needed to be said about this match which turned out to be a perfect place for the unusable talents.

Dolph Ziggler is the favorite one, this year to have his own Wrestlemania moment.

Furthermore, Samoa Joe and Jeff Hardy might turn out to be the winner if they appear in a surprising capacity at the show.

WrestleMania Women’s Battle Royal

Prediction: Just like the Women’s Royal Rumble, there would be many such surprise appearance on this particular match from the past and NXT. At present, Sasha Banks is the absolute favorite to win the contest followed up by Becky Lynch.

The third position is reserved by Bayley whereas Nikki Bella is said to be the fourth contender to win this battle royal as a surprise entrant.

SmackDown triple Threat Tag Team Championship Match – The Usos vs The New Day vs The Bludgeon Brothers

Prediction: The Bludgeons are the absolute bests at this juncture in this career. The team of Harper and Rowan are undefeated and likely to remain in that way even at Wrestlemania.

But, The Usos should have their moment at this grandest stage which is why they would retain by pinning the New Day. But, Bludgeons will continue gunning for the title even after this PPV.

Raw Women’s Championship Match – Alexa Bliss vs Nia Jax

Prediction: This storyline has seen the most organic buildup. Nia Jax is getting the sympathy of the audience over bullying issue. Alexa Bliss is teasing her former best friend for a long time over body shaming issues and will be victimized by the Samoan superstar at Wrestlemania.

But, somehow the Goddess of the WWE will still manage to walk out of the ‘show of shows’ as still the champion. Mickie James is likely to be the one to provide the distraction in order to the title retention.

Fatal-4-way United States Championship Match – Randy Orton vs Bobby Roode vs Jinder Mahal vs Rusev

Prediction: Undoubtedly, Rusev is the most favorite one to win this contest. Just imagine the atmosphere where 70000 people will chant ‘Rusev Day’, at the same time. This man is the most ‘over’ superstar of this time and the officials should give him with the title that can rejuvenate his career.

However, Randy Orton is Vince McMahon’s favorite when it comes to Wrestlemania. Hence, Rusev-mania might just get ended after picking up on the show.

Triple Threat Intercontinental Championship Match – The Miz vs Seth Rollins vs Finn Balor

Prediction: The Miz has been a dominant champion, undoubtedly. But, he is holding this title for a long time, now which makes things stale. He needs to get rid of this title and move forward to the main event picture, in the near future.

So, a title change would be welcoming to the audience. Finn Balor should get his first title after that one-day run with the Universal title back in 2016.

This would help him to get ‘over’ with the crowd in the upcoming UK tour of the company.

SmackDown Women’s Championship – Charlotte vs Asuka

Prediction: This might just turn out to be the show-stealer of the night at Wrestlemania. You have got the Queen of the division against the undefeated one which means a fight would break out between these two in a fair way.

Meanwhile, Carmella is expected to lurk in the picture when these two would be torn by the war. It would allow to cash-in the Money in the Bank in the perfect way.

But, there’s still doubts whether it would be successful or not. Chances are that Charlotte might retain by pinning the Princess of Staten Island.

Raw Tag Team Championships Match – The Bar vs Braun Strowman and Mystery Partner

Prediction: Someone from the likes of Samoa Joe, Big Show or Rey Mysterio could be the mystery partner for the monster among men.

Whoever the partner turns out to be, it is evident that the behemoth will finally ‘get these hands’ on a championship, finally, be it not any singles title. The Bar had quite a long run and the change would be welcoming.

Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon vs Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn

Prediction: Leave the match for one second and you will be petrified as a pro-wrestling fan once you think of the Superdome chanting YES alongside the entire WWE Universe.

Daniel Bryan is expected to steal the show from the beginning to end in this match. The heels will definitely try hard but will fail to the YES movement and remain banned from Smackdown.

Later, they would move towards WWE Raw during superstar shakeup.

Kurt Angle and Ronda Rousey vs Triple H and Stephanie McMahon
Prediction: This is going to be the most entertaining affair of the night at Wrestlemania.

The audience would love to see Ronda Rousey locking the arm-bar on the natural heel, Stephanie McMahon.

The babyfaces are quite favorites to win the match considering they are the two legit Olympians with one of them making a grand debut on the night.

John Cena vs The Undertaker (Unsanctioned)

Prediction: The officials feel the right away that the card of Wrestlemania is so much filled up that The Undertaker not wrestling on the show would not hurt the show.

However, he should appear on the show to entertain the crowd and to initiate the feud against John Cena that will be carried forward for the better part of 2018.

WWE Championship Match – Shinsuke Nakamura vs AJ Styles

Prediction: If proper time and capacity are given to these two, then they will deliver the best match of the card, undoubtedly.

The question although remains whether they will be allowed to wrestle in a free manner like the independent scene or not.

The dream match should be delivered in a big way by the WWE and in the end, AJ Styles should still be holding the championship.

Nakamura is not yet ready to be the man to hold the prime title present in the WWE.

WWE Universal Championship Match – Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns

Prediction: The main event of Wrestlemania 34 would be an intense one between these two. It is going to be an extremely physical contest between these two where they will rip each other apart.

The outcome of the match is predictable to everybody. Roman Reigns will win his first Universal Championship despite all the odds against him.

Whether the audience likes it or not, they will see the championship coronation happening at the closure of the show.

Chances are that Paul Heyman will turn heel costing the title the beast incarnate.

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