WWE Wrestlemania Rumors: Undertaker had his last match with Shane-O-Mac?

Arindam Paul / 05 April 2016

There were several moments in Wrestlemania 32 which was worth a watch for the fans. But what we have witnessed in the match between the Undertaker vs. Shane McMahon, will go down in the history of Wrestlemania as forever. It will inevitably take its own place in the Wrestlemania pay-per-view’s illustrious history.
The point of this match stealing his spotlight is two of the over-aged man stealing the show at Wrestlemania despite the Lesnar-Ambrose street fight and the highly disappointed main event match between Triple H and Roman Reigns where the spark was only with Stephanie McMahon.

The after match reports are not quite happy ones, though. After competing in one of the best Hell in a Cell matches in the history of Wrestlemania the Undertaker was heard telling people backstage that he’s wrestled his last match, according to allwrestlingnews.com.
This is not the first time that the rumors were heard around the Phenom about his retirement. In the upcoming weeks, he is booked for WWE’s traditional UK tour post-Wrestlemania. Previously, the Deadman was scheduled to join forces with the Big Show to face-off the team of Luke Harper and Eric Rowan at a live event. Now, Luke Harper has suffered injury and there should be some changes in the schedule but that should not harm Taker’s presence at the UK. Undertaker is also penciled to appear in a match on April 19th edition of WWE Thursday Night Smackdown. His opponent is still unknown, as of now.

Vince McMahon has still in mind about what was the original planning for Wrestlemania 32 i.e. a Cena-Undertaker legends match at Wrestlemania. Cena’s injury thwarted the plans but Vince still considering it for next year’s Wrestlemania. We are not complaining anyway, though, what we have got to witness on Sunday.

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