The drama around the break up between Paige and Alberto Del Rio continues with the latest updates coming up from a major source. An audio clip was published by which might have revealed the actual truth behind their relationship.

As per the earlier reports, they broke up a few days ago after they visited the Orlando Water Park and enjoyed a full day. Following the visit, a heated argument broke out between them and they parted ways from that point.

Paige addressed the matter by using her Twitter handle. She stated that the speculations roaming around are baseless and everything was okay between the two of them. Even Del Rio posted a tweet stating that people should mind their own business rather than spreading rumours about them.

But, the recently released audio clip from TMZSports suggests the complete otherwise. It was captured by an eye-witness who was present at the Orlando International Airport at the time of the argument between Paige and Del Rio. The incident occurred on July 2nd when they were returning from their short trip.

The conversation between the two of them goes something like this:

Alberto: “Call the cops. Let’s do it. Get the cops.”
Paige: “Just stay out of my life. Leave me the f*ck alone. I’m trying to get away from you.”
Alberto: “I’m pressing charges against you.”
Paige: “Press charges….press charges…it gets me the f*** away from you”

Just following the conversation a complaint was filed against Alberto Del Rio with Domestic Violence charges. This kept the IWC speculating more about his behaviour towards Paige. Del Rio is quite infamous with his ‘bad boy’ image, for a reason.

However, Paige once again released a statement saying that a woman was bothering them on that day. At one point, she threw beer to the former WWE Champion and made him angry to go violent which caused the police detention.

The interrogation is still ongoing and the police did not arrest Del Rio, till date. The Impact Wrestling promotion is also keeping their eyes on the situation to provide any sort of legal help that the current GFW champion might need.

The eye-witness, however, claims that there was no third woman involved during the incident. It was only Paige and Del Rio who was arguing which indicates that they are in bad terms. But, the British-Diva might be desperate to hide the truth by any means.

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