The youngest WWE Divas champion Paige is known as the “Anti-Diva” of the WWE and was a front-runner in the so-called Divas revolution. Since her debut after the night Wrestlemania 30, she won the Divas championship from AJ Lee and literally carried the Divas division for the next few months alongside AJ. She is an extremely technically gifted athlete in the ring and without any apparent reason whatsoever, WWE has sidelined her since the championship match against Charlotte back at last year.

WWE recently has added the NXT talents in the Divas roster as well who is ruling the Divas division, as of late and with the limited space that is available for the women, there are not enough time to use the veteran Divas present in the locker room. Unfortunately, Paige falls into that category. She has wrestled all over the world and a twelve year veteran in the pro-wrestling circuit at this age itself. The same thing happened last year, with another veteran Diva, Natalya, who hopefully at Payback will capture the much deserved WWE Women’s championship.

Paige had captured the attention of the WWE Universe the day he debuted, toppling the number one Diva in the industry that time, AJ Lee. Her carefree behavior and the English accent have stolen the hearts of millions of fans. Her in-ring ability is undoubtedly world-class whereas she is a natural heel for the women’s division as well as she can become the fan favorite just like that. Be it a babyface or a top quality heel, WWE needs the Diva to use in a more appropriate way.

But with the arrival of Sasha Banks, Charlotte, and Becky Lynch, she has been pushed to the back of the line and given the job to glorify the less talented Divas. Paige herself is unsure about her role in WWE at present. In a recent interview in an appearance at Wizard World Madison on Sunday, she has stated that she is unsure regarding how WWE is going to use her character. She doesn’t even know her schedule properly.

Not only Paige, superstars like King Barrett, Bray Wyatt has recently expressed their disappointment with the creative idea around them. It is really a disappointment to see talent like Paige is being wasted like this whereas WWE is trying to put over the less talented Diva like Summer Rae, Lana or even Eva Marie. Hopefully, we will see Paige more on Raw and Smackdown as a part of an active storyline.

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