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The Greatest Mixed Martial Artists Of All Time

The Greatest Mixed Martial Artists Of All Time

It’s easy to understand the appeal of mixed martial arts. For fans, mixed martial arts provide a haven for those who want the physicality and immediacy of wrestling, but can’t stand the soap opera storytelling. The best MMA fights are brutal, crunching affairs in which the combatants struggle for their lives and nobody’s ever sure who will come out on top.

As with every other sport, MMA has its leading lights and its also-rans. The greatest MMA fighters mix physicality with grace, raw strength with agility, and skill with pure charisma making them incredible to watch on the mat.

Here, for your consideration, are the greatest mixed martial arts fighters of all time.

Mark Coleman

No list of the greatest MMA fighters is complete without UFC Hall of Famer Mark Coleman. His approach to wrestling marked him out among his competitors, but it was his analytical skill and calculated approach to each fight that made him a legend. There’s no doubt that Coleman should be in the annals for every MMA fan.

Talking to Betway, Coleman discussed the changing landscape of combat sports and his popularisation of the “ground and pound” style. It’s well worth checking out the interview; Coleman talks eloquently about his impact on the sport and how it’s looking today, and he even throws in a little tidbit about the Paul brothers!

Jon Jones

Jones shares his name with Martian Manhunter, a DC superhero often overlooked in favour of the flashier and more marketable Superman. In many ways, that parallels Jones’ career in MMA; his first-ever great match was actually a loss, as he was disqualified for using illegal moves, but it solidified his place in the hall of fame (lower-case).

Despite Jones’ slightly inauspicious beginnings, he went on to absolutely dominate the UFC landscape, battling no fewer than seven future Hall of Fame alumni and coming out on top against all of them. In more recent times, Jones has shown some signs of slowing down, but he had such a high peak to come down from that he’s just now reaching the same level as everyone else.

Ronda Rousey

There really is almost nobody in women’s mixed martial arts that matches Rousey in terms of sheer skill, dedication, and power. Her career has seen her rise through the ranks of UFC, and although her time in mixed martial arts looked like it might be at an end after a defeat to Holly Holm, she’s gone on to achieve success in the WWE.

Of course, that isn’t the only string to Rousey’s rather impressive bow. She’s also since become a celebrated actor, appearing in franchises as diverse as The Expendables, Fast and Furious, and Charlie’s Angels. If you want a butt-kicking diva who takes nothing from anyone, then Rousey is your go-to actor.

Amanda Nunes

There’s a good reason Amanda Nunes is known as “The Lioness”. She has the most victories amongst women in UFC history, marking her out as arguably the most talented female MMA fighter the world has ever seen. Nunes counts Rousey among her defeats, as well as Rousey’s conqueror Holly Holm and fellow powerhouse Cris Cyborg.

Nunes’ style works because she has range, dynamism, and power in her kit. She’s versatile, but she’s also got tons of endurance, meaning she can outlast even the most grueling opponent. She’s the best because she knows where her limits are and when to push them.

Georges St. Pierre

What more is left to be said about the titan that is St. Pierre? He is, according to many outlets, the greatest fighter in UFC history, and it’s difficult to argue with that. His absolute domination is only matched by his dedication; he’s got a superhero origin story that meant he was only ever destined for UFC greatness.

St. Pierre came from a rough background, with his parents having to choose between sports and karate as they didn’t have enough money to encourage his burgeoning interest in both disciplines. He says that having a rough childhood “shaped [his] character”, allowing him to become the demon he is today.

Khabib Nurmagomedov

Despite a long run battling some of UFC’s greatest fighters, it could be argued that Nurmagomedov has never really enjoyed a true competition. His fights are one-sided bouts of sheer strength and raw power, and it’s always hard to watch him shred opponent after opponent with nary a care.

Nurmagomedov is known as “The Eagle”, and that’s because he brings a lot more than raw strength and physicality to his fights; he’s also a nimble, agile fighter who’s more than capable of meeting speedy opponents in the ring. To put it simply, Nurmagomedov will go down in history as one of the greats.

Cris Justino, aka Cris Cyborg

One of the few UFC fighters to compete under a nickname, Cris Cyborg – or Justino, to give her her real name – is a truly terrifying opponent to face off against in the ring. Cyborg is one of the few fighters to hold a truly impressive 20-0 record, and although that record was eventually ended by The Lioness, Cyborg can be proud.

She’s not just an excellent fighter, though; she’s also an extremely charitable human being. Back in 2019, Cris Cyborg helped the Batwa Pygmies in Uganda by drilling the first two water wells on their land. Truly, she’s an exemplar, and someone to whom everyone else in UFC can turn for a role model.


eSports VS iGaming: Pros and Cons

Esports is a team or individual multiplayer online gaming competition that is recognized as a sport in many countries. Online and offline competitions have been a part of video game culture for a long time. But it wasn’t until the late 2000s that they began to gain popularity thanks to the development of the Internet, multiplayer games, and streaming services. Thanks to this, esports gradually turned from amateur to more professional: with teams, tournaments, big cash prizes, and, most importantly, millions of viewers.

How it all began

Computer games began to gain popularity at the turn of the millennium. Esports has grown rapidly since the Quake III Arena shooter. Then the world was not yet globally covered by the Internet, so gamers gathered in teams and played over a local network. Gradually, game fans began to hold tournaments when playing online casinos. There were more and more esports fans, and the competition quickly entered the world arena.

Virtual sports betting is one of the fastest-growing forms of entertainment in the iGaming industry. Participants are betting money on matches that have never happened and will not happen in reality. Pure computer simulation. Why are they doing it?

Esports: pros and cons

A professional esports player is a person who plays one of the esports disciplines at tournaments and competitions. Players who play for a certain organization receive a salary, the amount of which directly depends on their experience and skills. The higher the status of the tournament, the higher the fee. But are there only positive aspects in esports?


  • Availability

It doesn’t matter where you live — all you need to play is a computer and a stable internet connection. You can start your career right in your apartment. Of course, there are centralized tournaments that you need to come to, but online competitions are fine for a start. Even some people with disabilities can be e-sportsmen; they can perform on an equal footing with everyone.

  • Perspective

Cybersport is constantly evolving and gaining more and more popularity. An increasing number of tournaments with great prize money appear each year around the world. From dusty, small, dark computer clubs, tournaments have moved to giant sports arenas. The prize money is comparable to the fees of professional athletes, while the number of viewers on the Internet reaches millions and grows with each tournament.

  • Public recognition

A large community of fans is being formed around cyber sportsmen, they are asked for autographs and photos, they are invited to appear in commercials, which are then broadcast on the Internet and television. Even the Olympic Committee is already seriously thinking about expanding the list of competitive disciplines at the expense of popular video games.


  • Instability of earnings

As in big sport, there is a certain hierarchy in esports disciplines too. There are not famous teams/players with a fairly mediocre skill level for the pro-scene, and there are world-class teams whose name is on everyone’s lips. The first category, unfortunately, is content with prize money from minor local tournaments and a small salary from sponsors.

  • Losing a lot of time

To achieve a decent result, you need to play and train a lot. You need to keep in touch with other players and fans. Lead an active social life to get noticed. Players are forced to work on team interaction for a long time, train reflexes, look for new tactics, etc. Contrary to some misconceptions, some office or factory workers often have much more free time than a gamer playing on the professional stage.

  • Not everyone can become a leader

In fact, fantasies are often shattered against harsh reality. Some people simply can’t make it to the top 5% in virtual contests. Someone does not have strategic thinking; others have a problem with reaction time. So it turns out that some earn millions while still studying in school, while fans who play their entire life show mediocre results.

It is crucial to understand what you want. Whether you are playing to chill out or want to conquer the esports scene. It is suggested to have backup options, to think over escape routes in case of failure. Weigh the pros and cons, and only then get down to business.

UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin bemused by ESL Stance of Barca, Real and Juve

UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin believes the three teams that continue to nail their colours to the European Super League project have “paralysed themselves”. Mr Ceferin spoke recently of the “strange” scenario surrounding Barcelona, Real Madrid and Juventus – all three of whom have applied to play in the 2021/22 Champions League despite persisting with their European Super League plans.

While the European Court of Justice digests a claim from the trio that UEFA and FIFA are violating the European Union’s competition laws, they appear to want to continue to play for UEFA’s coveted silverware next season. It has infuriated many, who believe the move to be the most flagrant ‘have your cake and eat it’ scenario ever in European football.

Nine of the dozen clubs in cahoots about the European Super League breakaway have since withdrawn their interest, including all six teams from the English Premier League (EPL). The group of EPL giants have been condemned by fans across England for seemingly disregarding the status and heritage of the English game, despite the fact the national game is losing over £100m a month, according to a statement released by the EPL last September.

UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin bemused by ESL Stance of Barca, Real and Juve 9

The EPL looks likely to hit the breakaway clubs hard with substantial fines as leaked EPL proposals suggest that each club could be forced to pay £15m, whilst being stung with a suspended points deduction for the 2021/22 campaign. According to Sky News, other proposals have consisted of one-off fines, as well as small initial fines and a reduced share of television income for the 2021/22 season.

Although it’s not yet clear what the financial penalties will be, what is clear is that the clubs will not be allowed to get away with disrespecting their fellow domestic rivals – and their own supporters who value domestic competition highly. Liverpool owner John Henry was forced to apologise directly to Reds fans via a YouTube message, having previously been one of the project’s ringleaders.

Do Barca, Real and Juve really think the ESL will “reform football”?

By contrast, the remaining trio of clubs still wedded to the European Super League project believe it is UEFA which has undertaken a “flagrant breach” of the decision from the “courts of justice”. A joint statement from Barca, Real and Juve says that it’s important to either “reform football” or “watch its inevitable downfall”. Cynics would suggest that the reform of a European Super League competition that’s a closed shop for the vast majority would do nothing for the long-term sustainability of the sport. Furthermore, it would only help to line the pockets of the biggest European clubs, many of whom are up to their eyeballs in debt through dire mismanagement. Barcelona is a prime example, with the Catalan giants over £1 billion in the red and seemingly desperate for the Super League project to transform their cashflow.

Mr Ceferin spoke with some astonishment to Sky Italy over suggestions by the ESL trio that their idea “will save football”, despite the fact that “nobody else likes it”. When pressed on the possible sanctions that could be imposed by UEFA on Barcelona, Real Madrid and Juventus, Ceferin confirmed that its disciplinary committee has begun “work on a case” but could not put a timescale on “when, if or how the sanctions would be”.

Ceferin discusses possible changes to make the Champions League and Europa League more “interesting”

One of the biggest changes on the radar at UEFA HQ is the scrapping of the long-held away goals rule. Ceferin has confirmed that scrapping away goals is a legitimate prospect to improve the appeal of one-off games given that fans desire to “see goals and attractive matches”. The UEFA club competitions committee recently voted to abolish it.

It would be a sad day for many football purists, who have grown up with the away goal rule since its introduction in 1965. It’s not yet known when the ruling is likely to be scrapped, although the decision is sure to come too late to be introduced for the 2021/22 season. Ceferin believes that the move would likely result in “more extra-times” but it was something that he could live with to deliver “more interesting matches” and a more engaging overall product.

Which eSports Games Are Most Played in New Zealand?
Which eSports Games Are Most Played in New Zealand?

Which eSports Games Are Most Played in New Zealand?

The eSports industry has surged in the past few years. The number of viewers and sale figures for the live eSports tournaments are increasing. The numbers may not be equal to those of sporting events, but this emerging industry has the potential to grow even more.

The eSports industry is already popular in Asian countries and the USA, but its popularity is growing in countries like New Zealand. New Zealand eSports Federation strives hard to promote, regulate, and bring more people to the eSports world. Professional players earn decent money in various competitions and tournaments. However, it is important to know which eSports games are very popular in the country today. Let’s find out:


Which eSports Games Are Most Played in New Zealand? 10
Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

Counter-Strike has been one of the most popular video games since the late 90s, and people engage in various competitions to play this game. Thus, without a doubt, this is the most popular eSports games in New Zealand. Two teams of five players each play against each other, whereby the simple concept is based on the tactical game. Therefore, it is suitable for beginners as a simple viewer sport, but at the same time offers a lot of depth for experienced spectators.

There is one thing that makes Counter-Strike different from all the other video games is that it commenced the gambling scene in the eSports world. Just like real online casinos, players could receive cosmetic changes, also known as skin, while playing the game. However, this had no value outside the game, but players developed a huge love for this element in the game. They could play and use these in the game, which led to a betting system in which the purely cosmetic items were used as currency and could then be exchanged for real money. This is the reason why CSGO became the most popular eSports game not in just New Zealand but other parts of the world, according to KiwiGambler research. Nonetheless, six years ago, after a rigged game scandal, the studio quickly changed the way trading in the game works. But we can say that from this initially developed esports betting scene, it would not have come about at all.


Which eSports Games Are Most Played in New Zealand? 11

This eSport game is rapidly growing in popularity in the country. Although it is proliferating, many would not consider this video game a true esports game due to the huge changes being made before major events and countless efforts to bring the game’s competitive scene to a standstill. However, Epic (publisher) announcing a $20 million prize pool in 2021 for Fortnite competitive scene speaks for itself. The prize pool in the 2019 World Cup was around $30 million. It’s also the only game on the list that is available on platforms. While Counter-Strike is only played on the computer, Fortnite can be played leagues on the gaming consoles such as Xbox and PlayStation along with the computer. In addition, its mobile version is also available for iOS and Android platforms. This video game is also the only one that allows cross-play between platforms. So, no matter what platform you choose to play on, you can play with your friends. For instance, if you are playing on your mobile phone and your friends play on PlayStation, you can play together.

League of Legends

Which eSports Games Are Most Played in New Zealand? 12
Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

It can be said that it is the largest and most famous eSport game worldwide. This game accounts for over fifty per cent of the total gaming time online. Events are held around the world, including the growing World Cup, with some of the world’s largest stadiums sold out before the global pandemic. Plus, millions of viewers join these events online via popular streaming services. In addition, League of Legends (AKA LoL) was a pioneer when it came to achieving great value with its tournaments and events. Although games like Counter-Strikes appeared here and there, others didn’t follow until the region-specific leagues within LoL worked towards higher production value.

Signing Off

Thus, these are the top three eSports games in New Zealand. The eSports scene will continue to grow in the future as more people and institutions are interested. We can also see how slowly larger organizations found in bigger sports like basketball start investing in their own teams. It will probably not be long when eSports overtake regular sports in popularity. The leagues in multiple countries will compete against each other, and more studios will come forward to promote the games. The future of eSports also seems bright in New Zealand as more and more people have attracted thanks to New Zealand eSports Federation.


Diogo Dalot
Diogo Dalot. Image Credits: Twitter

The Loaned Out Players Returning To The Premier League: Will They Do The Same for Their Parent Clubs?

Loan players around Europe will be pondering where their futures lie as the 2020/21 season ends. Many players have been loaned out to other teams for purposes of finding playing time.

As the EPL is over, you will likely find more time to play your favorite game at the Spin Casino, the leading online casino with a broad array of games and opportunities for all sorts of gamers. Here are some Premier League players who are returning to their original clubs in the hopes of securing first-team opportunities.

Harvey Elliot

Blackburn had a disappointing season in the Championship, ending the season at position 15 in the table. Liverpool supporters, on the other hand, would have watched with interest as Harvey Elliott gained vital experience at Ewood Park.

The youngster started 31 of the club’s 46 league games and put up a string of solid performances, generally starting on the right flank. His 11 assists were third in the division, and he added seven goals to his total. Only Emiliano Buendia (18) has produced more clear-cut opportunities in the Championship this season than Elliott (14) has. His return to Merseyside this summer should delight some Liverpool supporters.

Oliver Skipp

Oliver Skipp missed out on playing in all 46 of Norwich’s games during their title-winning season due to an injury sustained in the last week of the season, but that does not take away the fact that Skipp was instrumental for their swift return to the English top flight.

Norwich had the best possession (58.3 percent) and pass success rate (82.8 percent) in the division at the end of the season. Skipp was a big part of that, with more accurate passes (2,208) than any other Championship midfielder. Tottenham will almost certainly make changes this summer, but if they want new blood in midfield, they have a capable lad here.

William Saliba

When William Saliba joined Arsenal last summer, he expected to become a key member of the team’s defense. However, the Frenchman was moved on loan to Nice earlier this year after failing to make an appearance for Mikel Arteta’s side. The 20-year-old hasn’t exactly lit up Ligue 1, but his distribution has drawn attention. His 91.3 percent pass success rate was the tenth best among regular players in Ligue 1 this season; eliminate PSG players and he jumps to third. Arsenal are in need of a new centre-back after David Luiz’s departure this summer. The kid, who will most certainly get an opportunity to impress Arteta during pre-season, appears to be the ideal match.

Ryan Sessegnon

Another Tottenham loanee, Ryan Sessegnon, did not play as much for Hoffenheim as Skipp did for Norwich this season, but consistent playing time in one of Europe’s top leagues will have been beneficial to the 21-year-old. He scored twice and assisted on five league goals for Hoffenheim this season. Sessegnon will be confident of returning to England and presenting Sergio Reguilón with serious competition for a starting berth, with the onus on the full-backs to create width for Spurs.

Diogo Dalot

Following the signing of Aaron Wan-Bissaka, the Portuguese right-back was no longer required at United, and though he has sealed down a starting berth at Old Trafford, competition would benefit the former Crystal Palace man. After a strong season with Milan, a number of clubs have expressed interest in Dalot, but the 22-year-old might be a valuable addition to United’s squad next season.


Everton vs. Liverpool: Combined XI

Have Liverpool Lacked the Same Intensity This Season?

Following up their first league championship success in 30 years was always going to be difficult for Liverpool this season. However, the Merseyside club seems to be missing the spark which saw them become such a dominant force last year.

With a lot of football to be played remaining this season, Liverpool could still end the campaign with much silverware. They remain in contention for the Premier League title, in what appears to be a wide-open contest, while they are in the knockout stages of the Champions League.

It is Liverpool’s front three of Mo Salah, Sadio Mane, and Roberto Firmino who have proved unstoppable over the past couple of seasons. They scored 57 goals in all competitions between them last season, a large chunk of their teams’ tally. At the time of writing, they have 31 goals, which still a healthy total but it is likely they will fall short of last year’s number.

Firmino, in particular, is struggling to continue his excellent strike rate. He has five goals in 25 appearances this season. While it is worth pointing out that the Brazilian’s contribution is far more than finding the back of the net, the 29-year-old will have expected to score more often than one in every five games.

Liverpool’s front three have played a lot of football over the past few years. This intense run of fixtures may just be catching up with them, which would explain why the intensity isn’t quite as high this season.

Against Manchester United in a recent Premier League fixture, they were unable to break down their rivals at Anfield. They had a lot of possession in that 0-0 result but could not find the back of the net to secure the three points.

Injuries Have Hit Them Hard

There is no doubt the injuries that Liverpool have suffered this season have really hurt them. The most notable is Virgil van Dijk who has been out of action since the 18th October. The 2019 PFA Player of the Year has been invaluable since joining from Southampton in January 2018.

Manager Jurgen Klopp has had to shuffle his players and even play some of his squad out of position to cover these losses. In that goalless draw with Manchester United, Fabinho and Jordan Henderson both played at Center back.

Liverpool are in a similar position to what Manchester City had to encounter 12 months ago. They lost their best defender when Aymeric Laporte was injured long term. Pep Guardiola’s side struggled for consistency as a result which affected their form in the league.

Given the number of defenders who have been out injured, Klopp will be pleased his side have hung in there in the Premier League. As of the 19th January, Liverpool are +400 with Betway to defend their title at the end of the campaign. If van Dijk does return for the final third of the season, it will be a big boost for the German boss.

New Approach with Thiago

One of the big differences with this Liverpool team in the 2020/21 season is that Thiago is now in midfield. The Spaniard is a very talented player and has had a lot of success with Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga since moving to Germany from Barcelona.

Thiago is a player who is not rushed in midfield. He takes his time to assess what is ahead of him and then picks out his pass. This is a very different approach to what Georginio Wijnaldum, Henderson, and James Milner had last season where they were known for their fast intensity.

Liverpool’s number six has missed large parts of the season due to injury. He has now had a spell in the team, and it has coincided with the Reds struggling in front of goal. At one stage with Thiago in the team, they have gone three games without scoring, which is very unusual for a Klopp team.

It will be interesting to see if Klopp continues to start the Spanish international or if indeed, he changes his tactics to accommodate him in a different way. Thiago has a lot of experience of playing at the highest level in Spain and Germany, and he was part of the Bayern team which won the Champions League last season.

The next few months are going to prove interesting to see if this is a slight blip in Liverpool’s campaign. There is a good chance they will be back to their devastating best again. If they don’t get back in top form, next summer could be the time Klopp looks to freshen up his squad and some of his trusted stars may look for a new challenge in Europe.

Image Credit: IPL

Why Indian Cricket Players Should Play in Foreign Leagues

It is well-known that India, being a cricket-crazy nation, produces scores of talented cricketers year after year. Many of them manage to find their way to domestic cricket tournaments and a few climb up the ladder to become a part of the Indian National Cricket Team. While they hone their skills every step of the way, there is a particular ceiling to their potential – as long as they represent India, they cannot play in overseas T20 or T10 cricket leagues.

That’s right, as per the norms laid down by the BCCI, Indian players cannot participate in any international cricket leagues unless they retire from Indian cricket. That said, the players can play in First-Class and List-A matches in other countries since they don’t attract many crowds.

While BCCI may have its reasons to enforce this rule on its players – primarily to ensure that they don’t lose their monopoly on cash-cow competitions like the Indian Premier League, there is a case to be made as to why Indian cricketers should be allowed to play in overseas competitions.

International Exposure Makes it Worth it

Let’s look at it objectively for a second – of the scores of Indian players who participate in the IPL, only a handful of them get to represent India at an international level consistently.

This means for the remaining others, their best chance of improving their game is during the league itself – whether it is interacting with other international players and coaches, or just picking up different tactics and strategies to up their game.

And once the IPL is over, it is back to the same old grind of playing in domestic cups with familiar faces.

Now, let us imagine for a second that these players got a chance to play in overseas leagues – the kind of experience and knowledge they would gain will definitely make them more adaptable and flexible to the sport.

From playing under different conditions and pitch to wide-range interaction with players from all corners of the world, they can take their skills to the next level and become more versatile.

This is precisely what the West Indies did in the first half of this decade – the likes of Chris Gayle, Dwayne Bravo, Andre Russell, and many more were a consistent part of the IPL. So, it came as no surprise when they won the 2016 T20 World Cup in India – after all, they were already used to the playing conditions!

And it is not just West Indies who benefitted from this kind of exposure – players from Australia, New Zealand, and England too have had their fair share of players in international leagues including the IPL.

Even cricket betting fans can benefit from this kind of a move – with more Indian players participating in international leagues, there is bound to be a surge in following and popularity. Punters can make smarter, more informed bets in such competitions on sites such as 10Cric.

There is a Precedent

A few Indian players have already played in international leagues although, they did so after retiring from Indian cricket. One name that stands out here is the Indian all-rounder and World Cup winner Yuvraj Singh, who has represented the Toronto Nationals in the Global T20 Canada, and Maratha Arabians in the T10 League.

Similarly, we also have the likes of Munaf Patel, Murali Karthik, and Zaheer Khan. All of them have taken the Indian name to countries like the UAE and England. Similarly, Praveen Tambe has plied his trade in the T10 League in UAE and the Caribbean Premier League.

Of course, these players can no longer represent India but there is no reason why the current players can’t follow them. The depth of talent and skills in the current generation can only get better with some overseas playing time. In fact, Robin Uthappa, Suresh Raina and a few other senior players have urged BCCI to curb this rule but to no avail. Perhaps, this may change in the future.

Abu Dhabi Cricket Stadium
Abu Dhabi Cricket Stadium

How to make every minute count on Instagram

Popular social networking service Instagram has rolled out an array of new features for its Live videos, allowing users to live stream for up to four hours, among other updates.

The social media platform announced on Twitter three new updates about Live: the Live video time limit has been increased from the maximum 1 hour to 4 hours; users can save their Lives for 30 days before they delete; and a “Live Now” section is now available in the IGTV app and on Explore to enable users to discover more Lives.

Longer Live videos come in handy

With live streaming becoming increasingly popular among artists during the COVID-19 lockdown, Instagram’s latest updates allow content creators to connect with their audience longer, facilitating conversations while also keeping media consumers on the loop with what’s happening around the world—from global healthcare updates, international security and economics, and possibly even allowing sports fans to watch the elections of the International Cricket Council or other global sports organizations and events.

Live streaming is also opening new doors for traditional gaming, as well as online casino games. The technology is providing online gambling in India and other parts of the world new types of interactive and social games, offering gamers new ways to earn money and even socialize with other players. YouTuber Conscious Gambling, for instance, is using the live stream technology to teach interested gamers how to play responsibly—and he’s sharing his winnings with his viewers too.

There’s already plenty of crossover between live streaming and online casinos in India as more and more players become active on popular live stream platforms—be it for online casino games, casual mobile games, or poker—giving fans and players alike a whole new way to enjoy how casino games are played online.

Facebook opens rights manager to all page admins

Aside from the Live video updates, Instagram’s owner—Facebook—confirmed that it’s going to allow page administrators around the world to submit images and videos for rights protection. The feature was originally limited to a group of partners who can claim ownership over images and moderate where those images can show up across Facebook-owned platforms, including Instagram.

The latest updates are part of the social media giant’s initiative to provide “new monetization opportunities for creators” across all Facebook platforms. In the expanded access to Rights Manager feature, creators with large or growing catalog of content are offered “better control when, how and where they share content across Facebook and Instagram.”

Creators are also offered better “Collect Ad Earnings” tool availability, giving them the opportunity to collect ad earnings from matching videos that include in-stream ads, which have added Egypt, Iraq, Morocco and Turkey to the 45 countries currently offering the in-stream program.

“We want to help creators earn money and build a meaningful business on Facebook. To help creators achieve their financial goals, we are giving more creators the ability to collect ad earnings from matched Rights Manager content and offering in-stream ads in more countries,” Facebook Product Manager Jeniece Primus said in the blog post.


Image Source: Wikimedia

Top 5 Most Loved Indian Sports Heroes

India has produced many world class athletes across a range of disciplines, and the nation’s love of sports is well known, as is the support that fans show for home-grown talent.

To bring you up to speed with the sports scene in India, here is a look at 5 of the most beloved stars that the country has ever produced.

Sachin Tendulkar

Cricket is the most popular sport in India, so it is no surprise that many of its top players are venerated far and wide. Sachin Tendulkar is arguably the all time greatest Indian cricketer and has a host of records and trophies under his belt.

Perhaps the most impressive achievement that he has to his name is that of being the only professional cricketer of any nationality to have scored a century at an international test on at least 100 occasions.

From beginning his career as a teenager to winning the 2011 World Cup, Tendulkar has cemented himself as a stalwart of Indian sport and will be a hero to millions for years to come. His achievements have also inspired everything from movies and TV shows to games like those found on Casumo casino.

Mary Kom

Female sports stars are also revered in India, and Mary Kom is amongst the greats thanks to her abilities as a boxer and her inspirational life story.

Having been crowned the top amateur boxer on the planet on no fewer than five occasions, Kom managed to earn a bronze medal during the Olympic Games back in 2012 and has even gone on to stand as a Member of Parliament, using her platform to promote the causes she believes in. Indeed it is not unusual for sports personalities to enter the world of politics in India, and Kom is one of the youngest to have made the leap.

Sania Miraz

Taking the tennis world by storm is no easy feat but Sania Miraz has managed it in spite of the fact that the sport is relatively underrepresented within India.

The list of achievements that Miraz has notched up over the years is significant; at one point she was even ranked as the world’s best player in the women’s doubles, with a partnership with Martina Hingis helping her to reach new heights and also command more cash from sponsorship deals and marketing tie-ins.

Virat Kohli

Following in the footsteps of Sachin Tendulkar is Indian cricket’s latest star player, and his trophy cabinet is definitely heaving. All of this has led to some serious spikes in his income in recent years, to the point that he is amongst the 100 best paid athletes worldwide according to the latest Forbes rankings.

Where Kohli really shines is one day events, which allow him to put his powerful batting capabilities to great use. He has accumulated over 10,000 runs in this context and even took the record for achieving this faster than previous record holder Tendulkar, which is no mean feat.

Milkha Singh

It has taken some time for India to assert itself in a track and field context, yet one of the athletes who allowed events in this category to gain more attention and momentum was Milkha Singh, a 400 metre specialist.

Singh was celebrated following his gold medal win in this race during the 1958 Commonwealth Games, and at the time he was the first sportsperson from India to achieve such an accolade.

Like many of India’s biggest sporting heroes, Singh came from a poor background but used sport to pull himself up the social ladder and encourage others to do so as well.


5 hottest tv anchors in cricket

Hottest TV Anchors In Cricket

5 Hottest TV Anchors in cricket ∼ The Indian Premier League 2014, also called as IPL 2014 is just a mere 10 days away from getting underway. It is known as the face of T20 cricket. The tournament has numerous stars taking part in it all over the world. The likes of MS Dhoni, Chris Gayle, AB de Villiers, Kevin Pietersen, Brendon McCullum and Virat Kohli have been the force of attraction among the fans who turn out in large numbers to be a part of the IPL extravaganza

5 Hottest TV Anchors in cricket

Apart from the players, there are some behind the scene workers who attract a lot of television viewers. The female television anchors are always under the scanner, for not knowing the game as well as the glamour they bring in. We are talking about female TV anchors of IPL, who are responsible for increasing the entertainment quotient on and off the field. We take a look at the hottest female anchors in IPL over the years.

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