BCB President Is Hopeful Of India-Bangladesh Series

BCB President Is Hopeful Of India-Bangladesh Series

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Nazmul Hassan (Image Credit: Google)

The upcoming Bangladesh tour of India is suddenly under the dark cloud due to the latest boycott by the Bangladesh cricketers against their national board. However, the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) is hopeful of the men’s team’s forthcoming tour of India for the international series.

Bangladesh is the next team to tour in India. They have the schedule to play three-match T20I series and two-match Test series against the hosts India between 3rd November and 3rd December. The Test series will be a part of the 2019-21 ICC World Test Championship. While it will be India’s third series under the Championship, Bangladesh will play their maiden Test series under the WTC.

But the Bangladesh players have recently announced their boycott all the national and international cricket actions until the BCB approves their 11-point demand.

Their demand is basically a better salary, better infrastructure facilities, better domestic cricket system, return to the franchise-model in the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) etc. All the men’s Bangladesh cricketers are boycotting cricket, but the youth and women cricketers are not in this part. However, Bangladesh cricketers are ready to welcome the women cricketers if they have any further demands.

The BCB feels it’s a conspiracy against them. They are still hopeful of the upcoming Bangladesh tour of India. The BCB believes that most of the players want to play.

BCB President Nazmul Hassan said on Tuesday (22nd October), “We will find who is behind this conspiracy. I hope that the camp will go on. The India series will take place. I believe that most of the players want to play. They want cricket to develop. I don’t believe that they will bring the country’s cricket into disrepute due to a small sum of money. But we will see what happens.”

Before taking any decision, the BCB President wants to be clarified about the boycott.

Hassan added, “What I want to see and know first is who goes to play and who doesn’t. Whether they will go to camp or not. First, I have to know who is trying to jeopardize the India tour. I have to know what the real problem is or else there will be other problems a few days later.”

The new BCCI President Sourav Ganguly doesn’ t feel any threat to the forthcoming India-Bangladesh series. As it is their internal matter, Ganguly has no plan to interfere in it.

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