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Bowlers with Fastest 100 Wickets in ODI Cricket 

Bowlers with Fastest 100 Wickets in ODI Cricket
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As records galore for bowlers who’re in a prolific form mainly in the One-day International format in one such window to witness the success, batters on the other side have failed to make some impetus on a regular basis in testing conditions. In a nutshell, we are highlighting the list of bowlers with the fastest 100 wickets in ODI cricket.

The prominent list is further comprised of superstars who have had done enough to make it to the record books.

Here’s the list of bowlers with fastest 100 wickets in ODI cricket:

  1. Rashid Khan 100 wickets in 44 matches:

Afghanistan’s premium leg-spinner Rashid Khan had often yielded desired results with a ball in his hand. The 20-year-old star bowler bowled remarkable well across formats. He not only contained the batsmen but went on to bag wickets with his brilliant display of bowling.

Rashid had often been termed as the key to success for the Afghanistan National Cricket Team in the coveted events. In his abroad stint, Rashid further grabbed the eyeballs with his top-notch performance.

The leg-spinner sensation tops the list of bowlers with the fastest 100 wickets in ODI cricket. He achieved the milestone in 44 ODIs while facing West Indies Cricket Team in March 2018 at Harare Sports Club. Since making his ODI debut, it took Rashid two years and 158 days to go past 100-wicket tally.

  1. Mitchell Starc 100 wickets in 52 matches:

Premium Australian National Cricket Team‘s fast bowler Mitchell Starc is second on the list of bowlers with fastest 100 wickets in ODI. Of late, Starc had struggled with his foot injury which evenly affected his performance across formats.

Starc, who has often given his best, has a lot to prove to cement his spot for the long run. Moreover, Star went past the tally of the 100-wicket mark while playing his 52nd match. He achieved the feat against Sri Lanka National Cricket Team on August 21, 2016, at RPS Stadium in Colombo.

  1. Saqlain Mushtaq 100 wickets in 53 matches:

Pakistan National Cricket Team‘s Saqlain Mushtaq has weaved a web alongside slow-ball partner Mushtaq Ahmed. During his heydays, Saqlain further did basics right to win games for the Men in Green.

Saqlain, who enjoyed distinct coaching stints, has also played a crucial part in remodelling Saeed Ajmal’s action.

Overall, Ajmal is third on the list of bowlers with the fastest 100 wickets in ODI cricket. He bagged 100th ODI scalps in the 544th match while taking on Sri Lanka at Gwalior.

  1. Shane Bond 100 wickets in 54 matches:

Known for exercising the fundamentals of the fast bowling quite well, Shane Bond might have had a short international career, but he has indeed left an impact. The New Zealand National Cricket Team‘s speedster with his quality bowling sent shivers down the spine of batters.

Bond, who is listed overall third among the bowlers with the fastest 100 wickets in ODI cricket achieved the landmark in his 54th ODI. Back then, he was taking on England Cricket Team at Adelaide in January 2007.

The right-arm paceman Bond took five years and 12 days to go past the triple-figure mark owing to his wickets column in the day-long format.

  1. Brett Lee 100 wickets in 55 matches:

Brett Lee‘s USP was consistency in his pace. He represented Australian National Cricket Team across formats.

One of the fast bowlers in the world cricket, Lee made his ODI debut against Pakistan. Overall, he featured in 221 ODIs to bag 380 scalps at the average of 23.36. During his entire 50-over career, Lee claimed nine five-wicket hauls and 14 four-wicket hauls.

Overall, Lee is listed fifth among the bowlers with the fastest 100 wickets in ODI cricket. On January 2003, he achieved the landmark against England Cricket Team at Melbourne in 2003 while playing his 55th ODI.

Interestingly, Lee played his last international game against England at Chester-le-Street on July 7, 2012.

  1. Trent Boult 100 wickets in 56 matches:

New Zealand Cricket Team’s Trent Boult has been a fierce competitor with the ball. Having pace to bamboozle batsmen, Boult further played an imperative role for the Black Caps.

Boult had a remarkable run for the national team which saw him bagging wickets at regular intervals.

The left-arm pacer Boult has delivered goods for the Kiwis particularly in the limited-overs formats which further saw him shining while donning the colours.

Being sixth on the coveted list of bowlers with the fastest 100 wickets in ODI cricket, Boult achieved the mark on 23rd December 2017 against the Windies at Christchurch. He was playing his 56th ODI.

  1. Imran Tahir 100 wickets in 58 matches:

South Africa National Cricket Team‘s star leg-spinner Imran Tahir is an interesting character with the ball. Starting as a calm and composed character, Tahir further expressed his joy with his trademark wicket-taking celebration.

The Lahore-born cricketer Tahir is known for bowling googlies. So far, he represented the Proteas in 91 ODIs to claim 151 scalps at the bowling average of 24.33. Moreover, Tahir clinched three five-wicket hauls and six four-wicket hauls.

On the list of bowlers with the fastest 100 wickets in ODI cricket, Tahir achieved the feat while playing his 58th ODI. He went past the 100-wicket tally against Windies at Basseterre on 15th of June 2016.

  1. Waqar Younis 100 wickets in 59 matches:

Across formats, the skiddy customer and one of the greatest bowlers of all-time Waqar Younis are eighth on the list of bowlers with fastest 100 wickets in ODI cricket.

From the searing yorkers to the well-disguised slower-ones, Waqar represented Pakistan in 262 ODIs after making his debut against the Windies at Sharjah in October 1989.

Waqar, the right-arm pacer bagged overall 13 five-wicket hauls and 13 five-wicket hauls to clinch total 416 wickets in 258 innings at the average of 23.84.

He is among the fastest to 100 wickets in the day-long format. Waqar took 59 ODIs to achieve the milestone while taking on Zimbabwe National Cricket Team at Sharjah in February 1993.

  1. Irfan Pathan 100 wickets in 59 matches:

The Baroda-based star bowler Irfan Pathan would go down as one of the unluckiest bowlers who had a prolific start to his international career.

However, due to the unavoidable circumstances, Irfan couldn’t deliver according to the expectations in between. Irfan had given a tough time to the batters during his peak days.

The left-arm pacer Irfan took overall 59 ODIs to bag fastest 100 wickets in ODI cricket. He achieved the feat against arch-rivals Pakistan at Abu Dhabi in April 2006.

 10. Morne Morkel 100 wickets in 59 matches:

Former South Africa National Team bowler Morne Morkel is proud of his efforts he put in while being on duty.

The Transvaal-based lanky right-arm pacer Morkel featured in 117 ODIs for the Proteas. He bagged 188 scalps at the average of 25.32.

Moreover, Morkel who recently bid adieu to the international cricket achieved the feat of being among the top ten bowlers with fastest 100 wickets in ODI cricket.

On 22nd January 2013, Morkel achieved the milestone while taking on New Zealand at Kimberley.

Table for bowlers with fastest 100 wickets in ODI:

Serial No. Player Opposition Ground Match Date Time Matches
1 Rashid Khan (AFG) v West Indies Harare 25 Mar 2018 2y 158d 44
2 MA Starc (AUS) v Sri Lanka Colombo (RPS) 21 Aug 2016 5y 306d 52
3 Saqlain Mushtaq (PAK) v Sri Lanka Gwalior 12 May 1997 1y 225d 53
4 SE Bond (NZ) v England Adelaide 23 Jan 2007 5y 12d 54
5 B Lee (AUS) v England Melbourne 25 Jan 2003 3y 16d 55
6 TA Boult (NZ) v West Indies Christchurch 23 Dec 2017 5y 165d 56
7 Imran Tahir (SA) v West Indies Basseterre 15 Jun 2016 5y 112d 58
8 Waqar Younis (PAK) v Zimbabwe Sharjah 1 Feb 1993 3y 110d 59
9 IK Pathan (INDIA) v Pakistan Abu Dhabi 19 Apr 2006 2y 100d 59
10 M Morkel (Afr/SA) v New Zealand Kimberley 22 Jan 2013 5y 230d 59
11 DK Lillee (AUS) v Zimbabwe Nottingham 9 Jun 1983 10y 289d 60
12 SK Warne (AUS) v West Indies Melbourne 6 Dec 1996 3y 257d 60
13 Shoaib Akhtar (PAK) v New Zealand Karachi 21 Apr 2002 4y 24d 60
14 NW Bracken (AUS) v South Africa Basseterre 24 Mar 2007 6y 72d 60
15 CEL Ambrose (WI) v India Melbourne 16 Jan 1992 3y 310d 61
16 IR Bishop (WI) v Sri Lanka Adelaide 15 Dec 1995 7y 208d 61
17 C Pringle (NZ) v Sri Lanka Christchurch 26 Mar 1995 4y 307d 62
18 D Gough (ENG) v Kenya Canterbury 18 May 1999 4y 364d 62
19 SCJ Broad (ENG) v Australia Cardiff 24 Jun 2010 3y 298d 62
20 BAW Mendis (SL) v South Africa Pallekele 26 Jul 2013 5y 107d 63
21 AA Donald (SA) v Kenya Nairobi (Gym) 3 Oct 1996 4y 328d 64
22 LE Plunkett (ENG) v Australia Brisbane 19 Jan 2018 12y 40d 64
23 DW Fleming (AUS) v Zimbabwe Bulawayo 21 Oct 1999 5y 278d 65
24 Z Khan (INDIA) v New Zealand Centurion 14 Mar 2003 2y 162d 65
25 Naved-ul-Hasan (PAK) v Sri Lanka Colombo (RPS) 9 Aug 2009 6y 127d 65
26 MG Johnson (AUS) v Pakistan Centurion 30 Sep 2009 3y 294d 65
27 JN Gillespie (AUS) v Sri Lanka Dambulla 20 Feb 2004 7y 174d 66
28 J Garner (WI) v Australia Sydney 12 Feb 1985 7y 333d 67
29 AB Agarkar (INDIA) v Zimbabwe Jodhpur 8 Dec 2000 2y 251d 67
30 Umar Gul (PAK) v New Zealand Abu Dhabi 9 Nov 2009 6y 220d 67
31 ST Finn (ENG) v West Indies North Sound 5 Mar 2017 6y 34d 67
32 AU Rashid (ENG) v Australia Cardiff 16 Jun 2018 8y 293d 67
33 J Srinath (INDIA) v West Indies Kolkata 5 Nov 1994 3y 18d 68
34 SM Pollock (SA) v New Zealand Napier 26 Mar 1999 3y 76d 68
35 SL Malinga (SL) v New Zealand Dambulla 13 Aug 2010 6y 27d 68
36 JE Taylor (WI) v India Delhi 11 Oct 2014 11y 122d 68
37 KAJ Roach (WI) v U.A.E. Harare 6 Mar 2018 9y 198d 68
38 Junaid Khan (PAK) v Zimbabwe Bulawayo 20 Jul 2018 7y 88d 68
39 MA Holding (WI) v Sri Lanka Brisbane 12 Jan 1985 8y 139d 69
40 Abdul Qadir (PAK) v West Indies Sharjah 22 Oct 1988 5y 133d 69
41 CJ McDermott (AUS) v West Indies Bridgetown 13 Mar 1991 6y 66d 69
42 Abdul Razzaq (PAK) v England Rawalpindi 30 Oct 2000 3y 364d 69
43 M Ntini (SA) v India Dhaka 13 Apr 2003 5y 87d 69
44 Mohammad Sami (PAK) v India Jamshedpur 9 Apr 2005 4y 1d 69
45 KD Mills (NZ) v Australia Adelaide 14 Dec 2007 6y 243d 69
46 Abdur Razzak (BDESH) v U.A.E. Lahore 24 Jun 2008 3y 344d 69
47 Saeed Ajmal (PAK) v Australia Sharjah 28 Aug 2012 4y 57d 69
48 L Klusener (SA) v Zimbabwe Durban 2 Feb 2000 4y 14d 70
49 JM Anderson (ENG) v India Southampton 21 Aug 2007 4y 249d 70
50 I Sharma (INDIA) v South Africa Centurion 11 Dec 2013 6y 165d 70
51 UT Yadav (INDIA) v Australia Bengaluru 28 Sep 2017 7y 123d 71
52 RJ Hadlee (NZ) v West Indies St John’s 20 Mar 1985 12y 37d 72
53 CK Langeveldt (SA) v Pakistan Abu Dhabi 31 Oct 2010 9y 17d 72
54 DW Steyn (Afr/SA) v Pakistan Benoni 24 Mar 2013 7y 219d 72
55 CR Woakes (ENG) v New Zealand Hamilton 25 Feb 2018 7y 33d 72
56 Wasim Akram (PAK) v West Indies Sharjah 14 Oct 1989 4y 325d 74
57 A Nel (SA) v Bangladesh Chattogram 9 Mar 2008 6y 302d 74
58 JO Holder (WI) v Afghanistan Harare 15 Mar 2018 5y 42d 74
59 IT Botham (ENG) v Australia Lord’s 3 Jun 1985 8y 281d 75
60 EJ Chatfield (NZ) v Australia Dunedin 19 Mar 1986 6y 276d 75
61 M Dillon (WI) v South Africa Cape Town 9 Feb 2003 5y 98d 75
62 MF Maharoof (SL) v England Dambulla 7 Oct 2007 3y 165d 75
63 Wahab Riaz (PAK) v West Indies Abu Dhabi 5 Oct 2016 8y 246d 75
64 M Muralitharan (SL) v India Colombo (RPS) 20 Aug 1997 4y 8d 76
65 Harbhajan Singh (INDIA) v South Africa Dhaka 18 Apr 2003 5y 1d 76
66 GP Swann (ENG) v New Zealand Auckland 23 Feb 2013 13y 31d 76
67 TG Southee (NZ) v India Hamilton 22 Jan 2014 5y 221d 76
68 N Kapil Dev (INDIA) v New Zealand Launceston 2 Feb 1986 7y 124d 77
69 GD McGrath (AUS) v England Melbourne 15 Jan 1999 5y 37d 77
70 A Nehra (Asia/INDIA) v New Zealand Colombo (RPS) 11 Sep 2009 8y 79d 77
71 R Ashwin (INDIA) v Sri Lanka Fatullah 28 Feb 2014 3y 268d 77
72 RAS Lakmal (SL) v South Africa Dambulla 1 Aug 2018 8y 226d 77
73 A Kumble (INDIA) v Pakistan Bengaluru 9 Mar 1996 5y 319d 78
74 WPUJC Vaas (SL) v West Indies Lahore 1 Nov 1997 3y 259d 78
75 Mashrafe Mortaza (Asia/BDESH) v Pakistan Lahore 8 Apr 2008 6y 137d 78
76 NLTC Perera (SL) v Pakistan Dambulla 30 Aug 2014 4y 249d 79
77 MC Snedden (NZ) v India Vadodara 17 Dec 1988 8y 24d 80
78 SP O’Donnell (AUS) v England Brisbane 16 Dec 1990 5y 344d 80
79 R Rampaul (WI) v India Kanpur 27 Nov 2013 10y 5d 80
80 TT Bresnan (ENG) v Australia Perth 24 Jan 2014 7y 221d 80

*The stats for bowlers with fastest 100 wickets in ODI cricket was updated on January 5, 2019.

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