IPL 2020 - Ravichandran Ashwin Issues A 'Mankad' Warning To Batsmen Out Of Their Crease

IPL 2020 – Ravichandran Ashwin Issues A ‘Mankad’ Warning To Batsmen Out Of Their Crease

Ravichandran Ashwin. Photo: Ravi Shankar Vyas/IANS)

Former Kings XI Punjab captain Ravichandran Ashwin had hogged the limelight when he had ‘mankaded’ Rajasthan Royals batsman Jos Buttler in the IPL 2019. Ashwin was severely criticized for his actions and it was believed that Ashwin should have given a warning to Buttler before running him out.

However, the off-spinner was well within the rules of the game to Mankad Jos Buttler. The spirit of the game can be questioned but then how can the spirit of the game be questioned when what Ashwin did was within the rules of the game.

Jos Buttler | Ravichandran Ashwin | IPL 2019 |
Jos Buttler and Ravichandran Ashwin (Credits: IPL)

Ashwin was within the right to do it.

Jos Buttler was livid with Ashwin and had a heated argument with him before leaving the ground. Meanwhile, Ravichandran Ashwin hosted a Question-Answer session on Twitter. A fan asked Ashwin that who are the potential batsmen whom Ashwin might Mankad in the upcoming IPL 2020. Ashwin who is known for his smart answers said anyone who will get out of their crease.

Ashwin wrote, “Anyone that goes out of the crease”.

Here is Ashwin’s tweet:

Meanwhile, Ashwin had no regrets after affecting the Mankading dismissal in IPL 2019. Ashwin had done the same in Australia in an ODI match against Sri Lanka when he dismissed Lahiru Thirimanne. However, captain Virender Sehwag had withdrawn the appeal.

IPL 2019 | Ravichandra Ashwin |
Ravichandran Ashwin. Photo by: Deepak Malik/SPORTZPICS

“People can say that they believe it is right or wrong, that is their opinion, but you can’t say that Ashwin is a villain. That is not in my character,” Ashwin told India Today in IPL 2019.

“There is nothing to defend. It was instinctive. I didn’t plan to wait for Buttler to go out and I will hit (the bails). He had done that four or five times,” Ashwin said.

“It is in the rules if the batsman goes out of his crease then you can whip the bails off. Nobody told the batsman to stay in the crease, but it is his responsibility to stay inside the crease.

“And most importantly my conscience was clear. People who know me well, know that I will never do anything illegal.”

It is noted that the non-strikers try to take an advantage by leaving the crease early to steal an extra run. Ergo, there is a rule of mankading in place. Ravichandran Ashwin will be seen playing for Delhi Capitals in IPL 2020 as he was traded out from Kings XI Punjab.