Shakib Al Hasan: I Want To Move Forward And Let Other Guys Learn From My Mistake

I Want To Move Forward And Let Other Guys Learn From My Mistake: Shakib Al Hasan

Shakib Al Hasan, ban
Shakib Al Hasan (Image Credit: Google)

Former Bangladesh captain Shakib Al Hasan wants to be the example for other cricketers to not repeat the mistake which led to his two-year ban, with one year of that sentence suspended. After missing from international cricket for one year, the allrounder will be available to play cricket from 29 October this year.

International Cricket Council (ICC) had banned Shakib from all forms of cricket in 2019 for not reporting corrupt approaches ahead of the ODI tri-series in 2018 and one match in the IPL, where he played for Sunrisers Hyderabad. Shakib had also accepted three charges of breaching the ICC anti-corruption code. 

People are bound to make mistake: Shakib Al Hasan

Shakib Al Hasan
Shakib Al Hasan. Image Credits: Getty Images.

Shakib Al Hasan opined that nobody can be 100% correct. As per him, people can make mistakes but the important thing is what they learn from it. He wants to set himself as an example for others to never take the path which led his downfall. 

“You have to be honest. You just can’t lie to the people and pretend different things. Whatever happened has happened. People are bound to make mistakes. You are not 100%. The important thing is how well you can come back from those mistakes. You can tell other people not to make those mistakes. Tell them the path so that they never take those paths,” Shakib said in the recent interview with ESPNCricinfo. 

The 33-year-old Shakib further apologized for his mistakes. He wants to move forward in his life and work for the better. 

“I didn’t hide anything from the guys when they were asking me questions. I will say the straightforward things. I made mistakes. It shouldn’t happen for a player like me. I apologised for it, and I want to move forward, I want everyone to learn from it and never make these mistakes,” he added. 

Shakib Al Hasan credits his daughters for changing his personality: 

Shakib Al Hasan,
Shakib Al Hasan. Image Credits: Getty Images.

The southpaw said that he has become more mature after handling parental duties. Earlier in May this year, Shakib was blessed with the second daughter Errum Hasan. Now, as the cricketer is a father of two children, he understands his life and game better. He accepted that he has become a calmer person than he was in his twenties. 

“Of course I will try to minimise [my mistakes] as much as I can, but by the time I got married, and now I have two kids, I understand the game and life better. It has made me a calmer person than I was in my twenties. I have changed quite a lot. People won’t see me doing a lot of mistakes now. My two daughters changed my life completely,” he said. 

Shakib Al Hasan is accepted to return to international cricket during Bangladesh’s proposed Test series against Sri Lanka in October. He has played 56 Tests, 206 ODIs and 76 T20Is.