Australia vs India 2020-21: Mohammed Siraj Targeted Again This Time In Brisbane

Australia vs India 2020-21: Mohammed Siraj Targeted Again This Time In Brisbane

Cricket Australia Confirms Indian Teams Were Subjected To Racial Abuse
Mohammed Siraj. Image Credit: Getty Images.

Mohammed Siraj, Indian pacer was reportedly targeted by abusive members of the Gabba crowd at Brisbane on the first day of the fourth Test, less than a week after he was the target of alleged racist abuse during the Sydney 3rd Test.

Brisbane fans were heard yelling at fast bowler Mohammed Siraj in footage which has circulated on social media today, with the bowler labelled a ‘bloody grub’.

Jasprit Bumrah, Mohammed Siraj
Jasprit Bumrah, Mohammed Siraj

Mohammed Siraj And Washington Sundar Labelled ‘Grubs’ By Fans At Brisbane

The newest racism allegations in 4th Test comes after the SCG Test was stopped for around 10 minutes while police intervened before ejecting a group of fans who directed abuse at Mohammed Siraj which was one of two incidents where the Indians complained of alleged racist abuse during the third Test.

Before the evacuation on the 4th day of 3rd Test, pacers Jasprit Bumrah and Mohammed Siraj were abused on 2nd and 3rd day too.

Washington Sundar
Washington Sundar. Image Credit: Twitter.

According to a report, both Mohammed Siraj and all-rounder debutant spinner Washington Sundar were repeatedly labelled ‘grubs’ by a group of fans.

“The guys behind me have been calling – shouting – both Washington and Mohammed Siraj grubs,” the paper quotes a spectator known as Kate.

“It started targeted at Mohammed Siraj and it was a chant similar to the SCG one (“Que Shiraz, Shiraz” to the tune of Que Sera, Sera). But this time it was Siraj. I suspect it’s not a coincidence that it’s Siraj being targeted post the SCG stuff.”

None of the Indian players sent to field on the boundary registered a reaction to anything said by crowd members all day, the report added.

Mohammed Siraj Is Still Mourning Loss Of His Father

Australian players – past and present – joined the Indian team in condemning racist fan abuse in the aftermath of the Sydney Test. Nathan Lyon stressed that there remains no place for such abuse in the sport. For people coming to the stadium, the only objective should be to enjoy the game and nothing else.

Nathan Lyon told reporters: “There’s no room for any racial (sledges) or any abuse in any type. People think they are being funny, but it can affect people in different ways. For me, cricket is the sport for all and there is no room for it at all.”

Six men were ejected from the Third Test in remarkable scenes after Mohammed Siraj complained of being racially abused while fielding near the boundary. Umpires Paul Wilson and Paul Reiffel stopped play for a few minutes as attempts were made to identify those behind the remarks. After almost 10 minutes, NSW Police moved in.

Mohammed Siraj.
Mohammed Siraj Mourning Loss Of Father. Image Credit: Twitter.

An investigation is still underway into what was said to Mohammed Siraj at the 3rd Test, but Indian officials and his teammates have confirmed they were racially motivated. The abuse from the crowd in the Fourth Test is another blow for Mohammed Siraj who is still mourning the loss of his father, who died in November while the bowler was on tour in Australia.

“He was the person who supported me the most. It’s a great loss for me,” Siraj said at the time.

“He wished that I continue playing for India and make my country proud. I just want to fulfil my father’s dream.”

Virat Kohli said racial abuse is absolutely unacceptable while Sachin Tendulkar said those who indulge in racism have no place in the sporting arena.

ICC has strongly condemned reported incidents of racism and have offered Cricket Australia all necessary support in investigating the incidents. Ravichandran Ashwin, off-spinner of India said racist abuse from the crowd at the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) is not new and needs to be dealt with an iron fist.

Spinner Harbhajan Singh said that the Australian crowd is in the habit of getting involved in unsavoury incidents like hurling abuses at the visiting teams while compatriot Pragyan Ojha reckons that BCCI should, seriously, take up the matter of Mohammed Siraj and Jasprit Bumrah, getting racially abused, with Cricket Australia (CA).