Virat Kohli opines that Cricketers learn a lot from Footballer
Virat Kohli, footballers

Virat Kohli Opines That Cricketers Learn A Lot From Footballers

Indian skipper Virat Kohli is the co-owner of Football club, FC Goa. The batsman has an interest in football and enjoys the game. During the launch of new Jersey of FC goa, Kohli speaks to Times Of India about what he learns from football.

The skipper has opined that there is a lot to be learned from footballers. The player is a fitness freak and has set a new benchmark of fitness in cricket. He wants that cricketer should learn the routine and diet of footballers to maintain their strength.

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He is of the view that there is no comparison of the fitness level of cricketers with footballers. Kohli said that football requires more strength which is not obligatory in cricket. But if cricketers improve their fitness, they will perform better.

“If we take our fitness level higher, we will perform at another level. Footballers are way fitter than cricketers”

We always look up to footballers for their discipline – Virat Kohli

Further, Kohli says that the major lesson cricketers need to learn is discipline. This is a key factor and required for every field to make out the best from it.

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“We always look up to footballers for their discipline. It’s a requirement of the sport that you need to be at your absolute best to be able to take the field. Football players are very particular about professionalism, in terms of physical preparation, nutrition and rest period. We learn a lot from them.”

Virat Kohli’s favourite footballer is Cristiano Ronaldo. Kohli praises the footballer’s style and observes him. The batsman has supported every athlete and sport through his foundation. Through his football club, he wants to develop the players for future who can represent in nationals.

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Meanwhile, the Indian national cricket team is ready to face South Africa in the first test match on 2nd October at Vishakhapatnam. The three-match Test series will end at Ranchi.