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25 Sports stars : Then and Now

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A sportsperson’s life is pretty cool, they get to play their favourite sport for a living, if they are good at it they could end up making millions, they get a ton of adulation and always get the best choice in partners.

You do however need to be in the best of shape for the majority of your career, you have to spend hours training or being at a gym and your career is only for a few years in comparison to other professions. Speaking of working, some of the sports stars here with their transformations may catch you out.

Here’s the list of 25 Sports stars who transformed their personality

Andy Murray

Andy Murray: then and now
Andy Murray: then and now

The great British hope for tennis. Andy was always touted to become a great player but looking at this early teen picture it seemed he would probably stay at the junior level than ever win a grand slam, cue a few years of training and voila, Andy is ripped and shredding it on the courts.

Bastian Schweinsteiger

25 Sports Star, Football,
Bastian Schweinsteiger: Then and Now

The recent World Cup winner looked more like a Weiner schnitzel than the midfield destroyer he is today, well thanks to his bulked-up body he now has won everything in football and even got Sarah Brandner.

David Beckham

25 Sports Star,
David Beckham: Then and Now

The original poster boy of football, David looked nothing like the ripped out freak he is in the picture on the right during his early years at United. Posh spice certainly fixed her man.

David de Gea

25 Sports Stars,
David de Gea: Then and Now

When the Spaniard joined Manchester United there were a lot of people pointing out that he was too much of a stick between the sticks, cue some real hard work and now he is one of the best keepers in the world.

David Luiz

25 Sports Stars, Football,
David Luiz: Then and Now

The Brazilian “defender” or Sideshow bob as most pundits like to call him certainly would not be half the “defender” he is had it not been for some crazy hours at the gym. The picture on the right is him without the muscles and the hair, Samson anyone?

Diego Maradona

25 Sports Stars, Football,
Diego Maradona: Then and Now

A few years back Diego Maradona was the size of a whale. Drugs, alcohol and an unhealthy lifestyle gave El Diego a heart attack but cue some surgery and hard work, he looks ready to take the pitch now and would be better than half the players in the World.

Dwight Howard

25 Sports Stars, Basketball,
Dwight Howard: Then and Now

You have to be at the top of your game to play in the NBA and most high school students need to bulk up to be able to survive in the league, looking at the before and after photos of Dwight really make things pop out. Muscles pop out, nothing else, only muscles.

Edinson Cavani

25 Sports Stars, Football,
Edinson Cavani: Then and Now

The sharpshooter was in the news for getting sent off for his celebrations for PSG but he wouldn’t have been celebrating anything had he stayed in the shape he was in early in his career. The Bull looked more like a gazelle or something.

Gareth Bale

25 Sports Stars, Football,
Gareth Bale: Then and Now

When Bale broke into the Southampton team at the age of 17, it looked like some windy night in England could blow Bale away, now after his stint at Real, it seems Bale is the Flash. He couldn’t do it on a cold windy night at Stoke, now he does it regularly at Madrid, he scores.

Joe Hart

25 Sports Stars, Football,
Joe Hart: Then and Now

Another Manchester keeper, Joe Hart looked more like a person who gets picked on every day of the week but now thanks to this shampoo ad, it looks like he does all the bullying in the box.

Kevin Garnett

25 Sports Stars, Basketball,
Kevin Garnett: Then and Now

KG looked like he had the arms of Olive Oyl in his high school picture and the hands of Popeye after eating some spinach in this picture while he was playing for the Timberwolves.

LeBron James

25 Sports Stars, Basketball,
LeBron James: Then and Now

LeBron is the king of Basketball right now, having gone back to Cleveland for this season. However he looked more like the jester of the court in his high school days, now he looks like a Knight going into battle against dragons and monsters.

Marc Gasol

25 Sports Stars, Basketball,
Marc Gasol: Then and Now

The brother of LA Laker forward Pau, Marc probably did not expect to be in the shape he is in today. Looking at this picture from high school, it seemed Marc spent more time near the cafeteria than the court.


25 Sports Stars, Football,
Neymar: Then and Now

The poster boy of Brazilian football, Neymar looked like he hadn’t eaten for days from this old picture for a photo-shoot. A few months in the gym and bam, he looks like a proper streetfighter now.

Olivier Giroud

25 Sports Stars,
Oliver Giroud: Then and Now

The women certainly love the man but he wouldn’t have been loved this much had he stayed in the same shape while he was playing for Grenoble in France. London does seem sexier than Grenoble.

Radamel Falcao

25 Sports Stars,
Radamel Falcao: Then and Now

El Tigre looked more like El Puppy in the old picture; he probably wouldn’t terrorize defences then but would get all the “awwwsss” from the fans. Now he looks like a menace in the box.

Rafael Nadal

25 Sports Stars,
Rafael Nadal: Then and Now

The King of Clay wouldn’t be anywhere near to dominating the courts based on this early picture, now what we have is a tennis monster that is just unstoppable.

Robin Van Persie

25 Sports Stars,
Robin Van Persie: Then and Now

Robin looks more like he could fly away if someone sneezed at him, this was his condition at the start during his time at Arsenal, now he looks more like a superhero part of the Batman & Robin team. Batman being Rooney or Di Maria or Mata or Falcao, your pick.

Ronaldo (Brazil)

25 Sports Stars,
Christiano Ronaldo: Then and Now

O Fenomeno, the legend that was the original Ronaldo, sometimes the transformation of the body isn’t good for the eyes. Ronaldo then and Ronaldo now, words cannot express the grief people will go through seeing this picture.

Serge Ibaka

Pre NBA and Post NBA, Nuff said. The Spanish basketball player surely knows how to make an impression, jeez those muscles.

Steven Gerrard

25 Sports Stars,
Steven Gerrard: Then and Now

When Liverpool’s Steven Gerrard made his debut all those years ago, no one thought he would go on and captain the club, then he looked like that awkward teenage boy people would avoid, now he looks like Captain Fantastic.

Sergio Ramos

25 Sports Star,
Sergio Ramos: Now and Then

The Spanish and Real Madrid defender probably couldn’t defend a door against a puppy with this picture of him when he just broke into the Spanish team, now he could probably smash down walls with a kick.

The Rock

25 Sports Stars,
Rock Dwayne Johnson: Then and Now

The Rock changed into The Boulder after his time with the WWE, he is now seen sweating it out all the time during the Fast and the Furious movies. Literally, sweating it out.

Tim Weise

25 Sports Stars- Then and Now
Tim Wiese: Then and Now

The former Bremen keeper shared a picture where he bulked up, the reason? He actually got a call from the WWE so that he can join them! The German Rock!

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