Goalkeeper Hugo Lloris banned and fined for drink-driving
Hugo Lloris
Hugo Lloris has apologised for his actions.

Goalkeeper Hugo Lloris Banned and Fined for Drink-Driving

Hugo Lloris, who was found guilty of drink and driving a couple of weeks ago has been fined £50,000 and banned for 20 months from driving.

Hugo Lloris has suffered a massive punishment for drink-driving.

On August 24, Lloris was stopped by police and found guilty. He attended a hearing at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday. And the court said the France captain provided a sample containing 80 micrograms of alcohol per 100 millilitres of breath. It is more than twice the legal limit in England and Wales.

The police claimed the player went through a red light before being stopped, as he drove his Porsche Panamera. Then the police officer suspected of being drunk and he was right in the end.

The police officer named Henry Fitch also revealed that Lloris was driving at 15mph in a 30mph zone and veering towards parked cars before correcting himself. The player also vomited in the car.

However, David Sonn defended the goalkeeper and said he had been dining in a restaurant where he received drinks from fellow diners.

“On July 15 he was arguably the proudest man on the planet [after France’s World Cup triumph]. Just 40 days later, he was arrested. He experienced the indignity of being handcuffed and put in a police station overnight. The spectacular fall from grace is not lost on Mr Lloris.”

Hugo Lloris
Hugo Lloris.

Meanwhile, Lloris released a statement apologising to everyone for his misdeeds.

“I wish to apologise wholeheartedly to my family, the club, my team-mates, the manager and all of the supporters. Drink driving is completely unacceptable. I take full responsibility for my actions, and it is not the example I wish to set.”

Earlier this week, Lloris also told RMC he wants to learn from his mistake and become a better person.

“Like everyone, I have my private life. I made a mistake. You have to accept responsibility for it. I have to stay focused on the most important things to me, the pitch, my friends, my family. I always want to go out onto the field to have fun and keep improving myself.”