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10 Controversies of WWE Superstar Lita Career

10 Controversies of WWE Superstar Lita Career
Edge and Lita - courtesy WWE
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10 Controversies of WWE Superstar Lita Career – We do consider WWE Superstar Lita as one of the all-time greats. It was pioneers like her and Trish Stratus who elevated the game for the women superstars. But we certainly can’t go beyond the fact that WWE was a non-PG show back then. Multiple adultery angles were going around on TV that affected the backstage relationships as well.

10 Controversies of WWE Superstar Lita Career

It’s safe to say that WWE Superstar Lita was the front-runners in those scandalous stories. We received her link-up news almost whatever promotions that she performed throughout her career. Some of them are wide open due to negative heat whereas some of them are not much available on the internet. Later, multiple championships reigns and becoming a Hall of Famer have been able to wash away her dubious past to some extent.

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But she can’t go beyond the fact of dating a number of established superstars like Matt Hardy, Edge, CM Punk etc. The list might seem endless as you go through this article as we present to you 10 Controversies of WWE Superstar Lita Career,

1. Lita started dating wrestlers even before her career beginning

Lita arrived at the pro-wrestling industry with bits of help from an ex-lover of herself. She landed in Mexico to start training under El Dandy and got involved in a relationship, instantly. No much details are available from this timespan when she used to work as a bar dancer. Some nasty rumours were out about their hook-ups those have no proof. Later, Lita might have moved on to her other trainer Danny Doring. She used to be a valet for the faction formed by Danny Doring and Roadkill in ECW. Doring was extremely fond of the chick whereas Roadkill did not even like Lita.

2. Horrible rumours started around Lita’s career in ECW

Lita stayed in the ECW promotion before coming to the WWE. She was not much a performer under the Paul Heyman banner except for her fame for negative publicity. There’s not much evidence available on those rumours which was mostly link-ups with tons of superstars. She was allegedly dating some superstars at the same time earning her the reputation of being a bad woman. ECW mainstays Axl Rotten, Steve Corino, Hack Myers, CW Anderson and more got involved in these rumours. But none of them spoke up revealing the truth even after so many years passing by.

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