A Big Return Happening To Change The Championship Picture-Nia Jax

WWE News: A Big Return Happening To Change The Championship Picture

courtesy WWE

Former WWE Raw Women’s Champion Nia Jax is currently out of the action due to an injury. She has undergone double knee surgery, earlier this year forcing her to get out of action for a long time. There have been rumors of her return in recent times. But it is not likely happening, at this point, probably considering her medical condition. A reliable source has now broken the potential timeline of her comeback to the scene.

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Additionally, we also learned the capacity of this comeback that could land her straight back to the championship picture. According to Slice Wrestling, Nia Jax may return in December 2019 or January 2020. (in time for Royal Rumble) The current plan is to insert her directly into the women’s championship picture so to create the maximum impact upon her re-entry. There’s no update on who could be the women’s title-holder by then.

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Nia Jax is a true gigantic figure in the women’s division on whom Vince McMahon has a personal interest since the beginning. So an imminent push could be on the horizon as per the source’s report,

“The plan is for Nia Jax to immediately assert herself as a dominant force in the WWE’s Women’s Division and be involved in the Women’s Championship Title scene shortly upon her arrival. Vince McMahon has always been high on Nia Jax, perceiving her to be the Female “Andre The Giant” and with the WWE Women’s division in need of legit title contenders, Nia Jax would be solid star added back to the Women’s roster.”

As mentioned earlier, Nia Jax is a former women’s champion who won it back at Wrestlemania 34 ending the long reign of Alexa Bliss. The behemoth then went on to have quite a decent title reign as a babyface until squaring off against Ronda Rousey. It was her former best friend, Alexa Bliss who took the title away from her in the end. Winning the All-Women Evolution Battle-Royal is amongst her accolades, too.

As of now, Becky Lynch is the Raw women’s champion who is in a feud with Sasha Banks that is likely to produce a stretched rivalry. Being a babyface, it is likely that Nia Jax targets her upon the much-anticipated comeback. However, the storyline could be changing in due course.