Does Bobby Lashley Regret Doing Lana Storyline on WWE Raw?

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Does Bobby Lashley Regret Doing Lana Storyline Instead Of Fighting Brock Lesnar In WWE? 

Does Bobby Lashley Regret Doing Lana Storyline Instead Of Fighting Brock Lesnar In WWE?
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Bobby Lashley is getting a ton of attention, right now courtesy of the storyline ongoing on Monday Night RAW. He is the man who stole Lana from Rusev. The make-out sessions of Lashley and Lana are taking over the Internet as they dared to do it in front of the public on live TV.

These kinds of adultery segments always help to draw big viewerships and there’s no exception, this time around. As reported earlier, the former Intercontinental Champion has also received death threats for his relationship with Lana.

TV Insider recently conducted an interview with Bobby Lashley where he discussed the ongoing angle and how WWE keeps giving him storylines that ‘border on outrageous’.

Lashley claims himself to be the luckiest man

His main focus while coming back to WWE was to face Brock Lesnar. But he’s having no problem with doing what WWE wishes hoping that he’ll get a more serious angle soon.

Speaking on the situation, Bobby Lashley noted that he comes from a background where he looks like a born fighter. But during the current run with the company, he’d have to focus on different aspects that wrestling business has to offer. Check out his comments courtesy of,

“I’m still trying. It’s hard for me. I came from a world of amateur wrestling. It was always shut up and train. The last thing you would want to do is anything else.”

“Everything else was shut up and train. When I first came into this world, it was more hardcore. That fighting style was real, and I fit right in. Coming back this time, there are so many different characters, and people are talking about entrances and costumes.”

Going back to the Brock Lesnar context, he emphasized on the fact that how much he wants to fight the WWE Champion while coming back to the company. He still wishes that someday the match will definitely take place.

But right now, WWE may be focused on building Bobby Lashley as a strong heel superstar who can match up to the level of the beast incarnate, Brock Lesnar. Here’s more from The Almighty regarding Lesnar,

“I was like, ‘Where is Brock? Sign us up. Let’s do this. Let’s fight.’ They were like, ‘No, we need you to dance on Instagram. We need you to tell a joke.”

“We need you to look sloppy and do some different things. Sing on TV. Make out with this lady.’ All these things they want that are different. I didn’t understand it for a long time, but I do now. Just to see me open up where people can relate to you and get behind you.”

“People can get behind you or against you, but they know who you are. I don’t think they know who I really am. They know what I’m capable of doing, but they don’t know who I am. I think that is what we are trying to do. Just crack the shell and show a little bit more of me.”

As of now, there’s no chance of seeing Brock Lesnar squaring off against Bobby Lashley anytime soon. WWE Draft separated these two on different shows. Lashley stayed on Raw whereas Lesnar moves on SmackDown as the new WWE Champion.

Going forward, Lesnar will be representing the blue brand as the face while Bobby Lashley will enjoy the company of Lana. They are traveling together most of the time and keep the WWE Universe updated on their status to make us believe that their relationship is true.

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