WWE News: Jeff Hardy Seeking Treatment For Personal Problems

WWE News: Jeff Hardy Seeking Treatment For Personal Problems

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Jeff Hardy has not been seen in the WWE since April of this year. He was in action in a tag team title match and eventually win the gold alongside brother Matt Hardy to become an eight-time tag champ. But that was the end of the success story for them as he suffered a knee injury and was forced to undergo a surgical procedure.

The 42-year-old superstar has run into more troubles as time progressed which blocked his return to in-ring competition. He had altercations with the police on two separate occasions in recent times.

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In October, Jeff Hardy was arrested for DUI after an incident in Moore County, North Carolina. Three months prior to that, he was arrested for public intoxication brewing from an incident in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

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Now a recently carried report by sescoops.com confirmed that WWE has urged Jeff Hardy to seek helps with these recent happenings and the superstar is moving forward following their instructions,

“According to a report from PW Insider, WWE management requested that Hardy seek treatment for his ongoing personal problems in October and Hardy has responded by “aggressively” seeking help. He is said to have responded well to this request and his ongoing treatment.”

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Followers of the younger Hardy will be aware that it is definitely not the first time that the superstar was dealing with these kinds of issues.

In addition to the recent arrests, Jeff Hardy was also arrested for DUI in March of 2018. Police arrested and charged him for trafficking of a controlled substance in 2009 when police discovered Soma pills, steroids, and cocaine in his home as well. It eventually led to his WWE departure at that point.


Thankfully though, WWE has not taken any harder steps for the veteran superstar after coming back to the company in 2017. In general, WWE releases a superstar or take action against a contracted talent if they are arrested on certain charges.

In the past, Jimmy Uso, Jack Swagger, Santino Marella, and others were able to escape without WWE publicly fining, suspending or releasing the talents.

At this point, the WWE contract of Jeff Hardy is said to be frozen since April of this year as he went down with a knee injury. This reportedly took him out of action for more than six months. He was scheduled to return in November but there’s no sign of him coming back to action. WWE and both The Hardy Boyz are speculated to be in contract negotiations, at present.