Kane Talks About Putting The Undertaker’s Casket Into Fire

WWE News: Kane Talks About Putting The Undertaker’s Casket Into Fire

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Kane happened to be perhaps the deadliest character present in the WWE in his prime. With that red mask and attire combined with the fiery entrance, he could have summoned hell to an arena every time stepping into it.

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Over the years, he performed stunts like no one else has been able to do. It includes one of the incidents where he burnt The Undertaker, his own flesh and blood into the fire that was indeed a scary scene.

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It happened back at Royal Rumble 1998 where Kane solidified his nickname of ‘The Demon from the depths of Hell’. He locked The Undertaker inside a casket after a vicious beatdown.

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Paul Bearer turned on ‘Taker and took part in doing the crime. Sooner he put gasoline all over the casket and lit fire to it to burn it down.

While promoting his upcoming book, Kane took part in a recent interview on Pardon My Take. The Legend talked about putting The Undertaker’s casket on fire at Royal Rumble 1998. Check out his comments,

“There was a lot of smoke and mirrors. The thing was that they used lighter fluid. That was the actual accelerant, but they didn’t tell me how much they had used. It ended up being a lot more and more spectacular flame than I thought it was going to. Evidently the arena still remembers that. It was pretty controlled, we had safety measures in place.”

The Devil’s favorite Demon also talked about the first-ever Inferno match that took place in the WWE. Quite obviously the gimmick match was produced from his own character.

None other than The Undertaker turned out to be his opponent. Those two delivered a cult classic that will be remembered by the fans.

Meanwhile, Kane performed yet another scaring stunt during this match when he caught his arms on fire. As noted by the veteran during this interview, Hollywood stunt persons were invited prior to this matchup to rehearse the entire happenings. It was a pretty horrifying scene for the demon who has to show his arms caught with fire.

Here’s more in his own words,

“So we did a rehearsed burn outside where they put everything on. I’m looking at my arm and there’s like real fire on it and they’re telling me like I go to move and they’re like ‘NO, NO DON’T DO THAT!’ You gotta move this way and keep your arm behind you because if you put it in front of, you could inhale the flames, right?

So here’s the thing. I have to go out there and do a twenty-minute match. Do all this stuff then do this stunt that I’ve never done before except in a rehearsal in front of a live audience of 15,000 people and millions watching on pay-per-view and I have to keep all this stuff straight in my mind, right?”