Maria Kanellis Reveals Best WWE Angle She's Been Part Of

Maria Kanellis Reveals Best WWE Angle She’s Been Part Of

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As reported earlier, former WWE 24/7 Champion and TNA Knockouts Champion Maria Kanellis wasn’t happy the way WWE showed her the door, earlier this year. It was the second time in her career that WWE terminated her contract and got her out of the brand. While she’s not happy with this, she’s planning about her future with her husband Mike Bennett.


In the meantime, Maria Kanellis is keeping herself active on social media while serving WWE’s no-compete clause of 90days. She took to Twitter recently to conduct a quick Q&A with her followers. During the session, she was asked about the worst angle that she’s been part of. She was quick to mention the latest WWE storyline around her.

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Maria Kanellis Reveals Best WWE Angle She's Been Part Of 1

Maria Kanellis admitted that the 24/7 Championship storyline was both “the best and the worst” of her career. She was proud to become the first-ever pregnant champion in the company but at the same time, she also felt WWE taking away the 24/7 title off her was the biggest missed opportunity in her career. WWE could do more with the pregnant champion after winning the title in July 2019.

“I would have kept that title on me until I gave birth,” Kanellis tweeted.

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The First Lady acknowledged that while she doesn’t miss wrestling anymore as she’s a mother of two babies. But she does miss managing superstars. For the better part of the bygone decade, she was busy in this task while building her husband as a bonafide wrestler. Perhaps, she’ll do it again if got signed by Impact Wrestling, once more. She worked here from 2016 to 2017 and hinted to return with a ‘maybe’.


We should note that Maria Kanellis and her husband, Mike Bennett, will become free agents this week that is on July 18th. It is the same day that Impact Wrestling is hosting the Slammiversary pay-per-view event. They’ve already started teasing to bring several WWE stars under their banner. The former WWE couple could be two of them.


Maria Kanellis Reveals Best WWE Angle She's Been Part Of 2

While answering in the session, Maria Kanellis also touched upon the ongoing Women’s Evolution week celebration in WWE. She herself was never part of the active women’s roster but she’s been part of the Divas Era. So she credited them to set up the path for the current female superstars.


“I think certain people use the Divas era as a cautionary tale. But the Divas era was the inertia. The Divas era brought two things together women that could actually wrestle and women that knew how to market themselves.”