Reason why The Usos have not returned to WWE TV

Reason why The Usos have not returned to WWE TV

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Multi-time Tag Team Champions The Usos have not been seen on WWE programming for almost 5 months now. This absence has created a big void on the tag team division, to say the least.

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Also, fans have been wanting them to return for a while now. But that did not happen. Even many of them hoped these two would answer Viking Raiders’ open challenge at WWE TLC 2019, but that was not the case.

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This led to plenty of rumors regarding the status of The Usos, as of late. Starting from injuries to their personal problems, speculations are still running rampant which could be the real reason behind their absence.

Brad Shepard provided an interesting update on this situation pointing out that there’s no dispute in their career. Rather it’s their exclusive contract that is not allowing the seven-time world tag champs to stay out of the scene. A very few on the roster have the opportunity and The Usos are one of them,

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“The Usos are due back soon. They have a limited-term contract, whereby they only have to work so many dates, so you often get large patches that they and Naomi are missing in action.

Last year it was just after WrestleMania, for example, we didn’t see them for a long time.

While there are a lot of rumors that they are out for, let’s say personal issues, to my knowledge that’s not actually the case, it’s nearly the end of the year, similar to I think Daniel Bryan’s contract is, they have time-off in their contracts, that they haven’t had much of it. So we are where we are.

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The Usos are expected back soon, at least around [Royal] Rumble time, in the push towards WrestleMania where they will undoubtedly have a presence given their name factor alone.”

The last time we have seen The Usos was around Extreme Rules PPV. Following this, they have literally vanished from the scene without any sort of updates.

WWE has also remained silent about the absence of The Usos. They are nowhere near to WWE Monday Night Raw ever since a DUI arrest occurred this summer. The police took one of the twins into custody leading him into hot water. This was one of the supposed reasons why the veteran duo may have been on a hiatus.

But Shepard’s reports have wiped out all of those. We now rather can wait for them to come back around Royal Rumble as the Wrestlemania season kicks off.