Renee Young Noted On WWE Removing Her From Raw Commentary

Renee Young Noted On WWE Removing Her From Raw Commentary

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Renee Young has perhaps been the most popular female host in the history of WWE. She has been a regular face on both Monday Night Raw and SmackDown programming, at one point. Just like the other superstars, she too traveled through cities along with the other superstars until her gig was entirely changed starting from the fall of 2018.

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Renee Young Noted On WWE Removing Her From Raw Commentary 1

WWE SmackDown moved to the FOX platform through a huge deal as Renee Young was assigned to a completely different job of hosting WWE Backstage on FS1. At first, it was hard for her to leave the career she was enjoying doing full-time for the WWE (on commentary and interviews), to now hosting a show on FOX. Whereas usually, she gets to tour with the WWE roster, now she had the base in Los Angeles, California to host the show from FOX studios.

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While reflecting on her recent transition, Renee Young stated how hard it was for her to not seeing her friends in the company as much after this sudden move. She was originally doing commentary on Monday Nights but suddenly had to shift to LA as her job role demanded so. During her interview with Lilian Garcia on Chasing Glory Podcast, Renee Young stated the following,


“It was really odd,” Young began. “You realize how much of your identity is wrapped up in WWE. For me, it wasn’t like ‘Oh, I’m not on TV anymore with the WWE.’ For me, it was like ‘I’m not going to be around my friends.’ Without these people, who are my other adult friends? I don’t really have any. You get plucked out of your life, and then think like oh s–t, what do I do now? You feel a little bit lost at first. You’re like Oh my God, what is everyone up to?”



Then the Canadian journalist added that she does not miss the touring part, that much. She has been on the road with WWE for seven long years. So it’s a pleasant experience to catch a breather and stay in one place. She does not regret leaving the WWE Raw commentary team, as well. As per below comments, Renee Young did not consider herself to be great while sitting at the table to call down the actions,


“I felt like I didn’t belong there,” Young stated. “I wanted to be like I belong here, I earned this spot. This should be my spot. But, I kept hearing the background chatter, like ‘Why is this woman calling the matches? She’s never been in the ring. What’s she going to bring to the table?’

Renee Young Noted On WWE Removing Her From Raw Commentary 2

“There was a ton of support, like an immense amount of support. That was really, really cool, but you tend to be like I want to listen to what the negative people are saying because I’m feeling insecure about it, and they’re probably right. It’s hard not to feel weird out there.”



Renee Young was happy to get to work with Corey Graves and Michael Cole. But she felt that the two already had chemistry while they call down the matches. So she appeared to be the odd person out on the desk who was glad that WWE relieved her from this tedious job.

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