Review & Twitter Reactions From WWE Raw: February 18, 2019

Review & Twitter Reactions From This Week’s WWE Raw: February 18, 2019

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WWE Raw could have a better start following Elimination Chamber with some blockbuster news from Triple H. He gave the good news of bringing some NXT superstars on the flagship show that earned huge cheers from the fans. After all, we could have barely thought of seeing the cornerstones of the NXT brand appearing together on one single night. It was just a delightful moment for the fans as they were starving to see stars like Ricochet or Gargano on the main roster.

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Things were really intense on the show with a Tables Match followed. Braun Strowman took on against Baron Corbin in a rematch from Elimination Chamber with special capacity. It was a Tables Match where anything will be legal. However, there was no interference from McIntyre or Lashley, this time around. So the monster among men picked up the quick win to gain some much-needed momentums.

The debut match of Ricochet on WWE Raw was quite impressive. He could not have asked for better tag team partner than Finn Balor who’s always over with the crowd. So the NXT import did not have to put added effort to his high-flying moved in order to sell those. You bet, WWE Universe did not see such incredible actions on the main roster in quite sometimes. So a debut victory was reserved for him.

Johnny Gargano, Tommaso Ciampa, and Aleister Black also competed in their first match on the main roster. They received much spotlight to showcase their talents. Some might say that the creative team put them into some random matches. But their booking was much better than Sasha Banks and Bayley. The history-making champions were victims of an awful segment with Nia Jax and Tamina. That confrontation was not a good follow-up of their win at Elimination Chamber.

The main event of WWE Raw brought some incredible actions courtesy of Ronda Rousey. Even the challenger pulled off some valiant offenses to give us a good match. The champion retained which was predictable. But most importantly her dominance on WWE Raw continued. She put down the three members of the Riott Squad single-handedly that was good to see. She is likely to keep momentums by her corner in this Wrestlemania season.

We should rate this episode of WWE Raw as an average one. It could have been far better as promised by Triple H in the beginning. But it was not meaningless, overall.